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So yeah hi there my name is Amra. I know weird name but I'm from Bosnia so yeah. I will start with telling you the groups I stan
First of all I love EXO the first ever song I heard by them was Overdose. My first ever bias was Kris but I changed to Kyungsoo later on. I became a huge fan in early 2015 and my love for them grew more and more and it's still growing. I'm mostly proud to be an EXO-L but sometimes I just can't stand some attention seeking EXO-L's like for example the ones that Chanyeol blocked on Instagram and the ones that start fights with ARMY's while I'm over here multi fandom just like *sips tea* I swear I want peace between fandom's
Number two is BTS. Well let's start with the fist song I heard from them it's the good old Dope. We all love that song especially me since Rap Monster is the first thing you see up close in the MV. Soooo my first bias was Taehyung but now it's the beautiful leader Rap Monster. I don't know if I'm that happy to be an ARMY cuz of all the fandom wars but I hope one day all the fandom's will be at peace so yeah I'm just gonna sit here and drink my tea while being a multi fandom
So next we bave B.A.P and the first MV I saw from them was I believe Feel So Good. Now up until this day I've been a hardcore DaeJae shipper and I will never let that ship sink and if it does well I'll go to Korea and marry Daehyun and Youngjae. My bias is of course the lovely and adorable Youngjae and he has been ever since I've known about B.A.P so yeah. I'm proud to be a part of their fandom
Next up we have Monsta X. First MV is Hero and my bias is the adorable rapper known as Jooheon and I ship JooHyuk and JooKyun I know shocking but I mean they're real ships if you ask me. I'm proud to be a monbebe and my Instagram is filled with fan accounts of Jooheon and there's more fan accounts of my other biases I follow A LOT of fan accounts and don't you dare judge me. As for why I picked Jooheon well the story of me picking him as a bias is looking up pictures of him and just falling for his cuteness
This will be the last group for today I have plenty of more but yeah. So up next is GOT7 and my first MV is Just Right. I'm really happy I joined the iGOT7 family because it's just such a friendly fan base I mean monbebes are too and so are other fandom's but I don't think I've seen fan wars between iGOT7's and other fandom's yet so yeah. Anyways my bias is the can be hot can be cute Youngjae and he has been ever since I liked GOT7 and my second bias is JB (P.S I also ship 2Jae really hard) so yeah the last thing I'll write in here is my bias list so yeah c ya later :*
1) D.O (EXO) 2) Rap Monster (BTS) 3) Jooheon (Monsta X) 4) Youngjae (B.A.P) 5) Youngjae (GOT7) 6) Jennie (BLACKPINK) 7) Seulgi (Red Velvet) 8) Sana (TWICE) 9) Jeonguk (24K) 10) Rockhyun (100%) 11) Hyunsik (BTOB) 12) B.I (iKON) 13) Wooshin (UP10TION) 14) T.O.P (Big Bang) 15) Jonghyun (SHINee) 16) Wooseok (PENTAGON) 17) Hongbin (VIXX) 18) Woohyun (Infinite) 19) Zuho (SF9) 20) Changjo (Teen Top) 21) Taeyong (NCT 127 & NCT U) 22) Mark (NCT Dream) 23) Yijeong (HISTORY) 24) Jae (DAY6) 25) Junghwa (EXID) 26) Joshua (Seventeen) 27) Taeil (Block B)
Well then goodbye for now
@ChaErica I had a hard time choosing my bias for Seventeen since there's like I think 13 members but I'll be writing a new card soon where I'll talk about how I got into some girl groups and I might post it in a few minutes
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@ChaErica I will probably be posting some more of these get to know me for now there's two the second one I just posted and it's about my love for girl groups
Youngjae (BAP), Wooshin (Up10tion) however I also like Wei as well, Jonghyun (SHINee), and Yijeong (History)! Hyungsik may be my bias for BtoB but I can't decide. Also I can't decide on an NCT bias either. I like all the groups you're into as well! My favorites are VIXX (N), NCT, Pentagon (Jinho, Hongseok), and Boys24 (who haven't debuted yet.) oh wait Joshua is one of my three biases from Seventeen too. So there's another we have in common!
@ChaErica I like your name it has a nice ring to it and now I'm curious what biases we have in common
Your name is actually pretty cool!! It's nice to meet you! Haha we just talked earlier but I thought I'd introduce myself! I'm Erica! We have four biases in common btw!