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Happy 76th Birthday Hayao Miyazaki!
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o haven't watched them yet
9 months ago·Reply
@AnimeFreak484 Spirited Away is the most acclaimed, well loved, and my favorite I also personally love Howl's Moving Castle, Kiki's Special Delivery, & Ponyo
9 months ago·Reply
@AmazingAshley I watched howls moving castle a week or so ago and was like Wait... that looks lime the art work from spirited away
9 months ago·Reply
Yeah me too! Howl's Moving Castle was released after Spirited Away. I think Howl looks like the adult version of haku. But its not only that, Ponyo looks like the kid version of the woman in Kiki's Special Delivery & Arrietty looks like the teenage version of ponyo.
9 months ago·Reply