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If you’re a Kdrama addict who studies at the University of Redlands and missed seeing Lee Min Ho on campus sometime this month, then … sucks for you! The actor filmed a scene at the US school on September 15th, acting as one of the students, sitting in on lectures and interacting with professors. In Heirs, it seems Min Ho’s Kim Tan is in the States to study world business to prepare him to help run his family’s conglomerate. It is said that his fluency in English is pretty good, working hard on the language and studying his English script carefully. We’ll find out just how impressive he is when Heirs premieres on October 9th … I can’t believe that’s next week!
*squeals like a little girl* ooooo I can't wait!!!!
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hehehehe i know .... i might watch this at it airs ...
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you are best min ho.
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oppa ,speaking English..will see it, funny..
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