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I created a kpop club in my college and its been going great so far. However, I have been wondering if anyone has some cool interesting ideas for club merchandise. In my club we sometimes do Variety show themes and so it would be nice to give nice little rewards to our members when they win (albums and posters are out of the question. Sometimes we give those for birthdays or just visit ktown as a group and buy there). Anyway, I was thinking of some simple stuff like club t-shirts, club banners (to show during our kpop flash mobs and talent shows) and badges (with kpop idols or group logos) for members to put on their book bags idk. I feel like there are so many more ideas out there but I haven't gotten it yet...any suggestions? IF YOU WERE IN A KPOP CLUB, WHAT ARE SOME COOL THINGS YOU'D LIKE TO SEE? WHAT IS SOME NICE MERCHANDISE YOU WOULD WANT TO RECEIVE AS MEMBERS? Btw, we haven't asked our members yet, its nicer if its a surprise :)
What about a phone charm of a kpop group logo?
Or what I was thinking too if someone is good with crafts or if you can find an artist from tumblr or something and make little plushies of their bias.
Maybe like some type of kpop Keychain?
i think tshirts would be nice. when you go out together to events, it would really advertise your group. or maybe tshirts of a person's favorite band or bias.