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GOT7's Leader!

Visual, Vocal and B-Boy!

JB is my ultimate bias and I'm so glad that he is because he always brightens my day and can make me smile from the simplest things!

I first saw this ray of sunshine in a drama called "Dream High 2" and I've been in love since then. He introduced me to GOT7 and I've been obsessed with them ever since.
Jae-Bum is sexy and cute. I like a guy who can be both and that's JB. I love his 2 beauty marks above his eye, it's so cute! His beautiful voice that can either wake me up or put me to sleep. He's sweet without trying and most of the time doesn't realize it. I love how he can make me laugh so easily, his laugh is cute and it's even cuter when he screams when he's embarrassed. Just too handsome!


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Is it his bday in Korea or in America currently?
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Oh lol yeah I guess not the same birthday
a year ago
happy birthday to the best leader ever! πŸ˜†πŸ˜†
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Amen! πŸ˜„
a year ago