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“I love dogs, in fact, I own two. Just don't confuse me with one.”
“Then don’t act like one,” she nimbly mutters as he stands up and moves forward to help her from her chair.
Today she is in flat boots and barely comes to his armpit. He shakes his head as he holds the door for her, “I forget how small you are”.
“Is that a problem? Cause let me get right on that and grow a few more inches for you.”
“Aish. Touchy. Small is good, on you small is just right, perfect even.”
“Mhm. Trying too hard.”
He laughs and concedes, “This will definitely be interesting. I need interesting in my life.”
“Well, I’ve never been called boring.”
She turns to him on the sidewalk before they get in the car; “I tell you what, I’ll run you through the tests I put all guys through. If you pass, I give you maybe 7 months. That’s the longest the last guy that passed the test lasted talking to me.”
She then leans forward on tip toe and he bends down so she can whisper, “I’m a polar magnet. Guys get attracted than WHAM! it flips and they scatter far, far away.”
She shrugs as she takes the last few steps to his car, “Totally your choice, are you still going to feed me? I said yes because you owe me food.”
A smile broadens his face as he snaps his fingers, “That’s right! Chips, I owe you chips. Thanks for the reminder.”
They pull up to the Bau Dog House and Jiyong stares at it a minute. “Hunh,” is all he mutters as he puts the car in park and comes around to let her out.
The minute they walk through the door all the dogs clamor over to her and she is on the floor laughing and smothered in dog drool kisses.
“Been here before I take it?” he asks as he leans down to pet the dog left out of the pile.
The waiter at the counter looks over, “Jak! Welcome back, they’ve missed you.”
A hand comes out of the dog pile and waves. She pushes herself to a sitting position, throws her hair back and commands, “Down, down.”
“Do you have a usual here I can get you?”
“Not really, just whatever I feel like that day. Sometimes I just come in to play with the dogs. Just get me anything, I’m really hungry.”
Used to normal models he looks over the menu and starts suggestions, “Garden salad?”
“Eww, no I’m not a rabbit. Get me real food.”
He chuckles and checks the menu again, “Okay, tofu burger?”
“Eww NO, do you not know what real food is? I’ve seen your instagram, I know you eat.”
“You follow my instagram?”
“Not the point, food. Buy me FOOD, I’m hungry.”
“How about you come out of the dogs and order for yourself and I’ll pay.”
She jumps up, wipes herself off and heads to the counter. “Ugh, effort.”
At the counter the waiter smiles and flirts. Jak is doing her best to ignore him as she studies the menu. Jiyong looks at the kid and moves in closer behind her.
“These will be together,” he emphasizes, waving a finger between them.
He taps Jak on the shoulder, “Have you decided yet?”
“Sure. Give me a double cheeseburger, plain with cheese and ketchup only, a bag of chips, and medium soda.”
She hears Jiyong cough behind her and turns, “What? I heard that! You said anything, are you changing your mind and making me buy my own food now?”
He quickly smothers his laugh and pats her shoulder. “No, absolutely not. I just never expected anything so small to eat so much. You sure you won’t be wasting food?”
She shrugs his hand off her shoulder, “Men and expectations.”
She turns back to the waiter with a sugar smile, “Can I have a medium chocolate milkshake too? Oh, and he’ll pay.”
She smirks in Jiyong’s direction and heads back to play with the pack of dogs.
She is just too cute! lol Gotta love the attitude!💖😆
Haha, you've got lots to learn about this one GD! Good luck!
my girl Jak!!! We'd be besties!!
jak is just little firecracker. love her
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