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This was fun, sitting outside, alone, waiting for Yunho to pick you up from practice. Everyone that passed you asked if you needed a ride but you kindly declined knowing that Yunho was picking you up. Yet you started regretting your decision to decline everyone that passed.
Sitting on the cold steps, you draped your jacket over your legs to try and keep them warm while your hands clasp under the hood of your jacket, trying to keep them warm in the cool night. Your thumbs felt the smooth glass of your phone and then the hard cover surrounding your phone.
Sighing, once again, you looked up and down the street just to find a few random cars coming up the not-so-busy street. Licking your lips, you lit up your phone to see the time.
“He was supposed to pick me up two hours ago.” You mumbled to yourself.
Deciding to give him another hour, you put in your earphones and waited. Leaning against the wall with your shoulder, your head leaned against it too. All you wanted to do was to go home and have a shower and eat then go to bed but that seemed so far away.
Pulling out your phone again, you saw the time.
“Three and a half hours, perfect.” You snarled quietly, typing in Yunho’s number, you pressed the cold device to your ear.
The connecting tone and then the ring tone was ominous in your ear. After the eighth ring, you pulled the phone away from your ear and sighed again. Typing in Changmin’s number you pressed it to your ear, while hearing the same dial tone and connecting tone.
“_______, is something wrong?” Changmin answered after just the second ring.
“Well… do you mind coming and picking me up?” You asked biting your lip while a shiver raced through your body springing goosebumps to the surface of your skin.
“Yunho didn’t come and pick you up, again?” Changmin asked
“Yeah.” You responded quietly.
“Aish! I’ll be there in ten minutes, promise.” Changmin hung up the call and got into his car coming to pick you up.
While you waited, it got colder, lifting the warm jacket from your legs you curled yourself into a ball and tried to cover as much of your bare skin as you could, trying to keep yourself warm.
A pair of car lights caught your attention, while they rolled up beside the curb in front of you. Pushing yourself upright, Changmin got out of the drivers seat and ran to you.
“I am so sorry, are you okay?” He asked with concern prominent in his eyes, leaning down and picking up your bag, he offered you his hand as you kindly placed your hand in his.
“Yeah, just a little cold.” You replied honestly. Quickly Changmin shuffled his coat off of his shoulders before helping you put on his warm jacket.
“How many times has he forgotten about you?” Changmin questioned leading you to the passenger door, while he put your bag in the back seat before getting in behind the wheel.
“Ummm I think this makes six maybe five. I kind of lost count after three.” You revealed before buckling yourself in and lifting your hands up to the warm air coming out of the vents.
“Sorry.” Changmin softly responded, glancing over at you, he put the car into gear and headed to your home that you shared with Changmin and Yunho.
Parking the car, you got out with Changmin, he grabbed your bag and both of you headed inside to a lit apartment.
“I’m really sorry, I’ll have a talk with him.” Changmin placed a hand on your shoulder before you walked through the door that he held open for you.
“It’s okay, I am just glad someone picked me up.” You replied with a little smile, feeling a little down that Yunho forgot to pick you up but you let it roll off your back.
Punching in the code to the shared apartment, you pushed the door open with Changmin following closely behind you. Slipping off your shoes and shuffling off Changmin’s coat and yours, you hung them up on the hooks before heading inside for a drink of water.
“Are you hungry? I can make us both something.” Changmin offered setting your bag by your bedroom door.
“That would be really sweet of you, if you could.” You replied while sipping your water.
“I’ll make something yummy for the two of us then.” Changmin smiled while you set your dirty cup in the sink.
“I’m going to go shower, then I will eat after.” You told him making your way to your door and picking up your bag.
Changmin listened for the water to turn on before heading to Yunho’s door. Knocking on the door, he waited for Yunho’s response before entering.
“Did you forget to do anything today?” Changmin asked leaning on Yunho’s door frame with his arms folded across his chest.
“Ummmmm” Yunho tapped his chin with his finger, looking up from his movie. “Don’t think so.”
“Does picking up ______ after her practice sound familiar?” Changmin persisted, glaring
at Yunho trying to watch for his reactions.
“A little.” Yunho shrugged his shoulders, pausing the movie before getting off the bed
and heading towards the door.
“It isn’t like I have forgotten before. It was only one time.” Yunho patted Changmin’s shoulder, Yunho moved out of the room before Changmin looked over his shoulder and hissed at his behavior.
Trying to shake it off, Changmin got back to preparing a soup for you and him. Setting the table with two bowls, two spoons, two pairs of chopsticks and napkins, he thought that it looked nice especially for such a late dinner.
“Who is this for?” Yunho went over to the warming pot of soup.
“________ and I” Changmin said filling the cups with water.
“Wha- are you guys like, you know?” Yunho asked taking a sip of the broth.
“No, I just wanted to do something nice for her since she waited out in the cold for three and a half hours before I arrived and brought her home.” Changmin shot at Yunho.
“It wasn’t my fault! I don’t even forget that often.” Yunho defended
“Yeah forgetting five or six times is not that often, right.” Changmin sarcastically nodded his head.
“Hey! I am busy too!” Yunho raised his voice patting his chest with his hand.
“If you were responsible then you could have let me know or made other arrangements for her!” Changmin matched the loudness of his voice.
“Oh so you are saying that I am not responsible? What if I was just too busy to be responsible?” Yunho raised Changmin.
“How can you forget to pick up someone that you love?” Changmin threatened. The room went dead quiet when the blushing red Yunho looked over Changmin’s shoulder to see you with your wet hair over your shoulders and dressed in warm comfy pajamas.
“I at least picked her up when she couldn’t depend on you, depending is love and you know that I like her just as much as you do!” Changmin added before Yunho pointed towards you, getting Changmin to look at you.
Hearing their last confessions, your cheeks started to burn before you headed into the kitchen, avoiding both of their gazes before you ladled some of the soup into a bowl.
Heading back to the table, you folded your legs on top of the pillow before taking a spoonful of your broth and eating it slowly, letting the warmth of the soup heat you up from the inside.
Changmin and Yunho both looked at each other for a while, Changmin walked and got him some soup and sat across from you. The soft slurps of broth were heard from Changmin and you while Yunho looked at you trying to find the right words.
“_________-ssi?” Yunho broke the silence with his soft tone, craning your neck upwards, you looked at him while he knelt down beside you, “I am really sorry for forgetting about you, I won’t forget again.” He kept his eyes on yours as you gave him a soft smile.
“It’s okay, at least I got home before Cinderella did.” You joked earning a little chuckle from him, standing up he ruffled your wet hair gently before heading to his room.
“__________-ah. You know you can’t keep forgiving him.” Changmin added softly tearing your attention away from Yunho and back to him.
“I know, but you still have to be nice.” You added.
“Why don’t you look for someone who loves you and cares for you and hasn’t forgotten to pick you up?” Changmin questioned you
“Someone like you?” You answered his question with a question. Catching him off guard, his lips gently pulled into a smile.
“I heard both of your confessions but I have known that you two have liked me for a while. It is apparent in your actions.” You looked down back into your soup while you played with the remaining noodles.
“Do you like one of us?” Changmin whispered to you, leaning over the table. Hope softly shining in his eyes.
“Well…. you both are have been my best friends and I very thankful that you two have allowed me to stay with you until I debut. I am really thankful for you two to be in my life.” You started, wanting to take your time while you tried to give your heart all the time that it would need.
“But relationship wise, I…. I kind of have a crush on you. You both have been like a brother to me but I have think of my future and when I do, I think of you.” You confess softly.
“Y-You do?” Changmin stuttered feeling his heart quickly speed up in his chest. Watching you softly nod across from him, he bit his lip while looking over his shoulder at Yunho’s door.
“I’ll go talk to him since you two already had your fight for the night.” You got up bowing to him. “Oh by the way, than you for the delicious meal.”
“Anytime.” He smiles back at you before finishing his meal and cleaning the small table.
“Yunho?” You called softly, knocking on the door with the knuckle on your finger.
“Yeah?” He asked while opening the door to you.
“Can we talk?” You slid your thumbs into the pockets of your pants. Yunho opened the door a little wider and you walked in before he closed it mostly, leaving a little crack between the door and the frame.
“About earlier….” You started
“You don’t need to say anything, I heard the whole thing. I am just sorry that I kept on forgetting.” He apologized looking into your eyes so that you could see the honesty in his heart.
“It is okay, I know you get busy.” You nodded your head softly, letting your hands fall from your side. A deep silence fell between the two of you, both of you didn’t dare to look at each other but your heart was beating so fast that you wanted to do something.
“Can we still be friends? Like how we were before you confessed?” You asked softly accommodating the quiet atmosphere.
“I won’t stop loving you.” Yunho raised his head and looked into your eyes again.
“That is okay, I don’t mind.” You gave him a bright smile.
“C-Can I ask you for a favor?” Yunho blurted out. Taken a little by surprise you nodded your head with a little chuckle.
“Can I have a hug?” He asked opening his wingspan and smiling cheekily for you. Walking to meet him in your arms, you held him tightly while he returned the soft yet comfortable hug. After a little while, both of you pulled away from the hug.
“Goodnight Oppa.” You cooed, looking back over your shoulder at him before leaving your room for the night.
Closing Yunho’s door behind you, your eyes looked around the living area to see everything cleaned up. walking across the living space to your bedroom, a dark mass sat on the couch, his face was gently lit up by the screen from his phone.
“Do I get a hug too?” He asked you, looking over the back of the couch at you. Smiling and rolling your eyes a little, he stood up from the couch to give you a proper hug.
Wrapping his arms around you and yours around him, he kissed your head hesitantly.
“Goodnight Oppa.” You smiled pulling away from the hug yet his arms still hung around you loosely.
“Sweet dreams and sleep well, arasso?” Changmin smiled back at you.
“Arasso.” You smiled gently before he released you, he watched you walk back to your room and close the door before he smiled to himself and pumped his fist in the air quietly, trying not to rub your decision in Yunho’s face