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Time seemed to stop when you were in your husbands arms. Sitting on his lap with a blanket laid over the two of you, he rocked back and forth in a large rocking chair while you two watched the beautiful sun start to fade over the horizon and the never ending water that followed the curvature of the earth.
One of his hands rested on your stomach while the other hand played with your fingers. Gently moving them with his, he smiled while your head rested int he crook of his neck. The cool and gentle evening breeze carefully stirred the still air around the two of you.
With the soft rocking and your eyes watching the beautiful sunset with your husband on your honeymoon, nothing could be more perfect. But once the sun had faded and the brilliant light show had faded into the dark curtains of night, you intertwined your fingers with his before tilting your head up to look at him.
“What should we do now?” You whispered quietly.
“Do you really want to know?” He looked down at you with a smile pulling onto his lips.
“Do I?” You questioned him back.
“No, but you need to go change into something comfy and warm.” Changmin lifted you up into his arms effortlessly before walking back into the living space.
“Why?” You wrapped your arms around his neck while he walked into the bedroom.
“You didn’t want to know.” He teased you, placing you on the bed, he kissed your temple before he walked to the closet. Leaving the door open, he looked through your suitcases to find two outfits.
“Here we are.” He smiled coming back out. “Some Jeans and a stunning long sleeved sweatshirt with a graphic design for you and for me, some jeans and a black knitted sweater.” He held out his choices while you sat on the bed and nodded.
“Love them!” You smiled, he handed you his clothes that he chose for you before heading to the bathroom to change.
Once changed you chose some comfortable closed toed shoes and pulled your hair over one shoulder before braiding it and wrapping it in a hair tie. Changmin came out a few minutes later and walked right past you before getting on his socks and shoes too.
“Where are we going? I am getting curious.” You jumped in excitement causing
Changmin to laugh on the edge of the bed.
“You didn’t want to know.” He chuckled but stood up once he was done. Sliding his phone into his pocket and grabbing his wallet, he wrapped his arm around your waist.
“You ready to go?” He asked against your ear. Grabbing your phone from the dresser, you turned and kissed his cheek.
“Ready” You cooed.
“Race ‘ya!” Changmin called already running towards the front door.
“Ya!” You called with a giggle, but he waited for you with the door open. “Silly.” You
passed through the door and Changmin closed it behind the two of you.
Sliding your hand into his, he smiled and lead you down the the street, walking down the sidewalk, he beamed seeing you look around at all of the lights that started to come on and the wonderful smells of food that were started to brought out and placed on stands on either side of the streets.
“W-What is this place?” You asked with curiosity bubbling over.
“The streets of Bali but at night. They say that it is like no other place, so I thought we could try something new tonight. Since we are here for our honeymoon.” Changmin smiled while the lights from the shops and the stands started to light the street.
“Can we go try some food?” You looked over at your husband.
“Of course, tonight is on me.” He patted his chest with a smile.
“I won’t buy too much then.” You teased wrapping your arm around him and his wrapped around you.
The two of you walked from stand to stand, eating the samples that they handed out, you fed some to Changmin and he fed his to you. Seeing some of the clothing stands the two of you went over and looked at the beautiful beaded and weaving work that they had.
Carefully browsing through the jewelry, Changmin picked up a beautiful beaded bracelet, he looked over at you, while you were looking at the beautiful scarfs that were displayed.
“Jagiya!” He called you over, coming to his side, you smiled.
“What is it yeobo?” You looked into his eyes while the low light made them sparkle.
Becoming lost for words in your presence, one again, he lifted your hand and wrapped the beautiful bracelet around your wrist. Your eyes looked down and saw the bracelet being clasped over your sweater sleeve.
“It is so beautiful, Minnie.” You smiled bringing the bracelet up closer to admire the different beads that were strung on the cord.
“I’ll take that one.” Changmin said turning back to the lady behind the counter. Passing over the money, you looked up at Changmin a little confused.
“W-What are you doing?” You questioned him quietly.
“I wanted to buy you something so that you could remember our honeymoon.” He smiled and got his change back from the lady. “Thank you ma'am, have a good night.”
Walking away from that stand, you both moseyed over through the streets.
“You didn’t have to get me the bracelet.” You held his hand tightly.
“I wanted to. Just something beautiful for you, my love.” He kissed your head again before pulling you to a unique kart. Stepping in front of you, he blocked your view from what the street kart was selling. Grabbing something off of the kart, he turned around and tucked something behind your ear.
“W-What’s this?” You asked reaching up to take the thing from behind your ear in front of you so that you could see it.
“Don’t, I’ll show you.” He smiles and moves behind you, holding his phone out in front of you. The case was facing you, he tapped the screen and brought it around for you to see.
Changmin was behind you with a silly face while you looked confused but then there was your favorite flower tucked behind your ear and threaded through your hair.
“Can we take another picture?” You turned your head, he smiled and wrapped his arms around your waist and brought you closer. Just when he was about to take the picture, he turned and kissed your cheek making you smile brighter. With the picture taken, you smiled, looking down at your feet.
“We should take a few more.” You offered with a hushed tone.
“Let’s go somewhere a little prettier.” Changmin offered, nodding your head, he slipped his phone back into his pocket and took your hand. Walking down the rest of the streets, he smiled as the two of you looked around, but Changmin guided you to the docks.
Finding a dock that had a railing and a perfect view over the ocean, he smiled and looked over at you.
“How’s this?” He questioned you in a whisper.
“How do you find the perfect places all the time?” You asked in awe standing at the end of the dock looking over at the water while a soft light started to raise from the horizon.
Changmin smiled and walked over to you, wrapping his arms around your shoulders.
“We still have a few pictures to take.” He whispered next to your ear while it sent shivers down your spine.
“They can wait, I want to spend this perfect moment just with you.” You leaned into his embrace.
Both of you couldn’t help but smile at the beautiful sight of the sunrise, with the reflection in the still ocean and the light that radiated from the beautiful sun and the colorful rays that pushed the darkness and stars away for the next night.