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So I know all you Starlight's have been waiting for Ravi to drop his single 'BOMB', and guess what you guys..........It's finally here!!!!!!!
It finally came out today and I wanna know what you guys think of it.
Tagging all of my lovelies
I already saw the video I don't understand some of the words hopefully there will a dance version and lyrics ravi looks flawless as always the mv is beautiful I didn't like the girls but hey that's just me now as for san e he was awesome
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@stevieq oh ok lol
as crazy and awesome as I expected, well done Ravi, also props to whoever took the time to draw on all those fake tattoos ^^
I was watching the vapp broadcast and they showed one minute before signing off and I thought I was ready but I lied to myself, I could never be ready though I feel like I should have slept before watching it lol
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yea I will come to terms bc can't change it, it's something they have to work on based on their own cultural values but I will always be salty when it comes to stuff like this bc it just gets to me @stevieq
I'm surprised my phone didn't explode from how lit the music video is
lol at least you don't need to get a new phone unless you wanted one then you might wanna tell Ravi to upgrade his music video
@Helixx I am officially dead....I died.....just died