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So you guys I just got home and decided that I needed to post this because this song is so amazing. Last year Day6 wowed us with their album 'DAYDREAM' and this year I am sure we will be wowed again because this song I just amazing.
I literally don't know how to coherently put my thoughts into words right now. That is just how stunned I was from the first note. I can give a testimony that there is love at first note when you listen to a song that really captures your heart from that first listen. And this was it for me. Well at least since the year started, this has been it. But enough with my ramblings just let me know what you guys think of this song.

Who else is in love with this song as I am?

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Ive been listening to this ALL DAY! 😍😍
legit in love with this song ❤
I really liked it