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Ok, so we know about Mamamoo's brother group is VROMANCE, and with the success that Mamamoo has had there are a few waiting to see if their brother group will hold up to the task. Well, I am here to say that I think they will. This song is number one reason.
RBW, the entertainment company housing the two Kpop groups took very good care of Mamamoo in 2016 seeing as how they were releasing singles nearly every month (I know I'm exaggerating). Well this year, 2017 is waiting for VROMANCE to really shine.
This song made me really cry. I mean it wasn't just some teardrops falling from my eyes or a little sniffling here and there. I really all out cried with that ugly crying face. And I couldn't figure out why I was crying until I realized that the song really touched me deep inside. I am definitely not okay after this song.....
Also please listen to their 2nd mini album preview

Who else is not okay after listening to this song? Comment below.

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I cried at the one part of the elderly couple at the hospital
@SimplyAwkward I know that was so sad I think I started crying when he was leaving his parents for military duty 😭😭😭