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Hello guys! Its me! I'm back with another card, yay! Anywho, I'm a support mod for the Knk community and I really want to thank Sol for letting me join! I love KNK so much and I'm super happy I got the opportunity to represent one of these five beauties! First let's get the boring stuff out of the way. Here's a little bit about me!
*insert picture here* • My name is Jasmyn. • I'm seventeen years old. • I've been listening to kpop since 2011. • My current bias groups are seventeen, Pentagon and NCT!!! • My biases in those groups are: Jinho, E'Dawn, Hui, Seungkwan, Hoshi, Woozi, Dokyeom, Dino, HAECHAN, Mark, Hansol, Renjun, and Johnny. • My Ultimate Bias is Lee Donghyuck Aka Marks Muse aka HAECHAN aka my sunshine. • I love to read fan fiction. • I write fan fiction in my free time (always boyxboy though... #Markhyuck.) • I ship 2Tae because taeyong and taeil are goals. • #Yusol, #Renle, #Jaeno, #Tenny, #Winkun. #Dojae, #2tae, #Markhyuck. • My main ship is Markhyuck #literallyimtrash. • I'M THE PENTAGON MOD (thanks @ vingle!) • I'm a support mod for: KNK, INFINITE, MONSTA X, SF9, NCT, Korean Stars, Leeteuk community, SHINee, and I'm an unofficial mod support for VIXX. • I'M in love with limitless by NCT. • my KNK bias is Kim Jihun. • his laugh is cute. • I love him.
Okay, this quarter I'll be representing......*drum roll* Jihun! I GET TO REPRESENT MY BIAS!!!! Yes, so every Thursday I'll be posting about the beautiful (Dogwood tree) Jihun. He's really so precious please love him more. PLEASE SUPPORT KNK EVERYONE. Thank you and everyone goodnight. ~Stay Beautiful
This seems like a good way to end it So have a nice day everyone!

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Loving Shawols!

Do you use Discord? The owner of NCT server is a really big KNK fan and loves to fangirl with people who also like KNK. She doesn't use Vingle though, I don't think.
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Ah okay.
Can you please add me to KNK tag list.
Of course