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Hello everyone! Today is Thursday, which means that it's time for a day dedicated to the shenanigans our lovely boys get in to!
So as you know, New Year's was this past weekend! So as the New Year rolled around, Pentagon decided to make To-Do Lists for the coming year! They did so on a broadcast from V-Live, however it has not been subbed yet.
These are what I have found so far of what they would like to do in 2017! When more is revealed, I will keep you updated~

I would like to briefly discuss my thoughts on the gifs above.

I think it's nice that they want to get fit, and built muscle and whatnot, but I hope that they know that we (the fans) love them whether they look like John Cena or if they look like Jim Parsons. It doesn't matter if they have a six-pack, or if they have a respectable one-pack~ We love them for them.

It really was my heart seeing that Yuto wants to gain weight rather than lose it. I'm glad that despite all of the possible outside pressure, he keeps his own goals clear.

No matter what the members choose to do, I just hope they do it in a healthy manner~
That's all from me for now! Happy Pentagon Thursday, and I'll see you next time! ❤❤❤

(Photo above edited by me~)

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