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Hello everyone! It is Hwasa Thursdays and since this is the first one for this quarter, let's get to know Mamamoo's maknae a little better!
Name: Ahn Hye-jin Stage name: Hwasa Date of birth: July 23, 1995 Place of birth: Jeonju, South Korea Height: 5'4" Weight: 97lbs Blood Type: A Zodiac Sign: Leo Position in Mamamoo: Maknae, main rapper and lead vocal
Fun Facts: - Hwasa’s favorite music genres are jazz, blues, R&B, hip hop and heavy metal. - Her ideal type of man is Zico (Block B), and George Clooney. - She wrote her own lyrics for the instrumental of the song “Blurred Lines”, called “Pink Panties”. - She loves cooking and usually cooks for the rest of the group. - Her roommate is Solar. - She was mistaken as the oldest member because of her sexiness and old-timey voice.
My New Year's Resolution for Hwasa: My only wish for her is to remain healthy and happy this year. She is so talented and beautiful and I hope she always feels that way and knows that to be true about her. I hope she stays smiling and laughing always.
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