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Thirsty Jimin Thursday: Sweet Treats Edition (16+)

Que tal peeps!

So....I'm shopping in the BTS store you know about to go home and cook some Kpop stew ish. I got my pack of Ramen Rapmonster, my Sweet Tae Tarts, My pack of Suga, Can of Jungkook, my J-Hope seasonings, and my loaf of Jin.......then I realize what about the sweet desserts?

So I go down the Jimin aisle and dis is what I get!

A pack of Jimin Thighs flavor on point!

A set of those golden honey buns! Even Tae approves he knows what's up! BUT LOW KEY TAE BACK UP I AIN'T GOT ENOUGH FOR YOU!

And an assortment of dem sweet Jimin brand lips!


Ride Or Die Peeps

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I'll admit that he can be sexy but, for some reason, I always just want to pet him and squish him and feed him and stuff. He’s so adorable. x)
7 months ago·Reply
Jimin is so sexy and cute at the same time. Thank you for this!
7 months ago·Reply
@KMinion de nada. I'm glad u all enjoyed this
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