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Hello everyone!!

So this is a question that's been bothering me since the day I got into kpop. It's also probably something that pops up inside every international fan's head every now and then. I know this is a huge topic and I'm surprised that I'm even asking this, but I just had to ask it, even if I already know what the answer is.

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-This is NOT meant to be a racist question. I'm not at all saying one race is better than another and I sure as hell do not want anyone saying something like that. I want you guys to be completely open-minded when answering this, so do not think this is suppose to be going against any race or whatnot.
-If this question offends you in anyway then I recommend just turning the other way and completely ignoring these cards. And if for some reason I am tagging you in them or if at any point these start to get offensive and you don't want to be tagged anymore than please message me and I'll be sure to remove you.
-DO NOT start to pull out hate comments or start to say rude things to someone based on their personal opinion. This is suppose to be a safe place and I intend to keep it that way. If I see any hate comments or any sort of bullying then I will delete that comment, and if too much hate is forming in the comments of these cards then I will end this series.
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Okay, so the question is pretty self explanatory, which means that I hopefully won't talk too much in this card. Really, all I want to know is if you guys think that it's weird if non Koreans/Asians listen to it.
To be honest, if someone came up to me and told me that they listened to kpop and they weren't Asian at all then I'd probably think that they're weird. I can honestly say this since every time I think about this that's what comes to mind. It is weird. Like, we have no idea what they're saying and we're attracted to them even though they're not the same race as us.
See, that part probably doesn't really matter since it doesn't matter if your attracted to one race or not, that's your preference. But is it weird for us to listen to kpop even though we don't understand them unless we look at a translation?
Really, I think that's all I have to say since I really just want to see what you all have to say. I already know what I think, so I'd rather see what everyone else says. Please put your honest opinion, no one is going to judge you or hate on you based on your opinion. So please, be as honest as possible!!

What do you guys think?

Is it perfectly normal for non Koreans/Asians to listen to korean pop music, or do you think it's pretty weird?

Are you confident enough to sing All In by Monsta X in a public place, or do you just sing to it when you're alone in your room? That's all based on you guys' opinions.

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I really don't care. If it's good music, its worth listening to. And I do hear that "why do you listen to them when you can't understand what they're saying", or "why do you like that music, you're not Asian". At first I was a little shy but after awhile I got over it and listened to it whenever I want, even at work. For me it's normal, at one point along the course of my life, I was listening to Ricky Martin and some guy named Fermin. It's true, the U.S. does have that shitty "need to speak English" attitude. Hello U.S.A, time to wake up, it's only in the U.S. and Canada, that speak a MAJORITY of English, and Great Britain. The rest of the world, different languages. And I think that all music, from any country should be allowed to be heard in the U.S. and included in music charts. I mean if you can't understand what is being said, then learn what it says. You expect people to learn English to understand you so why can't you learn what their saying?
I think it's normal. In Mexico they listen to music from the US and they don't understand it. When I would go, my cousins would always be like "what does this mean?" But they'd still listen to it, if you like the music, listen to it. And no I'm not embarrassed to sing kpop in public, I embrace it 🤗🤗
I think it's normal. I am not Asian at all but I only listen to kpop and only watch kdramas and movies (unless someone else has control of the remote lol) but I I think it's normal. it's all in what you like. I'm not ashamed of it I have come too far for the past 5 years to just suddenly stop because I'm afraid of not being normal. I new this wasn't a hobby it's a life style. it's ok! love what you love. it's what makes you you
I think it's normal. I'm not of Asian descent (I'm just American), but I listen to Kpop. I also listen to American music and some other foreign music. I prefer kdramas to most American TV, because of the format. I don't like spending years watching a tv show when I can watch one in 20 episodes.
It's perfectly normal to enjoy music from any culture. It's music but I'm not going to lie and say I hid my kpop music for a fee months after finding it, but now I blast it in my car when I'm grocery shopping (yup without ear buds) and sure I get some looks and weird stares, but you know what I also met some good friends from doing this who are still nervous to share the taste.