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Korean☆Mod OST pick of the week ⤵⤵⤵

Hwarang: The Beginning

Along with this drama's amazing cast... this drama was also given an unique and meaningful soundtrack.

"Even If I Die, It's You"

Written by: Oh Jun Sung Sung by: Taehyung and Jin of BTS This song is said to be the "Theme song of the elite group known as the Hwarang." {source: Soompi}

"This awful love

I can't stop even when i get hurt

because of you"

Released on December 19th, 2016... "Even If I Die, It's You" is the OST's 2nd song

. OST song list: •Hwarang OST Part 1- "Wherever It Is" (그 곳이 어디든) by Han Dong Geun •Hwarang OST Part 2- "Even If I Die, It's You" (죽어도 너야) by Taehyung and Jin of BTS •Hwarang OST Part 3- "Dream" (드림) by Bolbbalgan4 •Hwarang OST Part 4- "I Only See You" (너만 보여) by Wendy and Seul Gi of Red Velvet


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I really love this song.
this song really is great and one of my favs at the moment along with chanyeol's and punch ost from goblin
Yes! I love Goblins OST 😢 It's also amazing!