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Heyyy Vingle Fam!! 😄💕
First, I would like to say, Happy New Year!! :D I haven't been on my personal account in awhile. I have so many of you guy's fanfics to catch up to lol. What have you guys been up to??
Yall, look at Johnny Thoooooooo ♡♡♡♡♡ I love him so much! I'm so glad that he finally debuted! xD He is seriously too much for me. You ever wanted to cry because someone is so fine and sexy to you?? Lol that's how I feel about Johnny. He is the real definition of a bias wrecker. Uh Johnny you needs to stop, Yoongi will notice lol :p

Yoongi is like.. "As you were saying Taemi.."

O_O well damn.. shit lol #Bae4Life♡
Question, are there any Johnny fanfics out there?? If so tell meeeeee. If not, then here's a suggestion, someone should make a Johnny fanfic for me! :D If not then I will make one lol idk when though. I still have my own fanfics I need to still update. ~~~
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My Sunshine squad Fam is back. I wish I knew more about Johnny I would so make a fanfics for you.
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Heyy Bre! 😄💜 & yeah that would of been awesome haha.
10 months ago
oh heeeeeeeeeyyy i haven't been doing anything but writing fanfiction for the first time and holy shit it's the weirdest thing xD it's like being sucked into a fake world that you made but with real people and it fucks my brain up but at the same time i just really wanna make Yoongi and Jimin fuck ANYWAYS -BREATHES- wuzzup? xD
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Okay cool 😊
10 months ago
I haven't been on here at all. I've been so busy with dancing, school, work, and hobbies in general 😭 Everytime I make my way back here, i always get teared away lol
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Awws lol Dx & I'm about to start my new job soon so I might be a little more busy.
10 months ago
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Ikr lol
10 months ago