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💥Taeil Thursdays 💨

Hello my Bebes. Today is my first official card for the quarter. ♡ Now I know that we have new bebes everyday that join, so this will be an introduction of my represented member,

✧ Moon Tae Il ✧

✧ Name: Moon Tae Il.

Nickname: Moontae, Shintaeil.

Position: NCT Vocalist.

Born: June 14th, 1994.

How old is Taeil:

Age: 21 years old. Korean Age: 22 years old.

Family: Parents, and one younger sister.

Astrological Zodiac Sign: Gemini.

Chinese Zodiac Sign: Dog.

Hometown: Seoul, Korea.

Height: 173cm or 5 feet 8 inches.

Blood Type: O.

Education: Seoul Life Science High School.

Specialty: Singing and playing the guitar

▪▪ Facts about Taeil ▪▪

Favorite food: Pork belly, ice cream, pizza, chicken, meat. Favorite hobbies: Listening to music and watching movies.

Favorite season: Spring

Favorite weather: Clear skies (Me too Taeil Me too)

Favorite number: One

Favorite color: Black

Favorite Places: Apgujeong Rodeo

Favorite Entertainer: Kim Yun-Seok

Favorite MC: Shin Dong-Yup

Favorite Dramas: Yainsidae

Favorite musicians: SHINee, Kim Bum Soo

He's the Head representative of the Jaw-line of NCT. . . . Tee hee I made a funny.

✧ Again let's look at that jawline. . .

. . . . Annnddddddd One more time . . . .

Don't get me started on fluffiness. . . .

Just I feel we're not focusing on the Jawline enough. . .

Also y'all, I have been told that if we sleep on his jawline, then we're going to hell. So like the awesome angelic person I am, I will prevent that. You are very welcome in advance, don't worry about it.

✧ Noone is going to hell on my watch, so I will be sure to add one pic to each card from here on out, that really shows his strong jaw game, to prevent it Even more.

Glad I could save us all. . .

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Aww I love my baby! He is so cute! (*≧∀≦*)
Yeasss he is! I really love him and his personality ♡
That jawline though....so sharp
Yeasss like he could cut diamonds
True true
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