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I stood there waiting by the International arrival gate was. I was so antsy. I keep bouncing in place. My phone dinged. I looked at it. Jungkook sent me a message saying he was waiting to get off the plane. I didn't message back and just waited until I finally saw his handsome face walking his way through the crowd. A smile came across my face. He finally started looking around and when his eyes landed on me he smiled. When he got close enough I ran towards him and ended up jumping on him and hugging him. He ended up dropping his luggage so he could hug me back. "I missed you so much." I said into his neck. "Same here." We stayed like that for a while. After our long hug he set me down and we made our way to my car. "I thought you weren't here because you didn't respond." He said putting his stuff in the back seat. "I wanted to surprise you." I smiled. "I knew you were coming to pick me up though." He said messing up my hair. "Yea but you got worried I didn't show up. I played it right." I smiled and walked to my side of the car. "Yeah, being in a foreign country alone isn't ideal." He held my hand the whole way to my moms. Once I pulled into the driveway he took his hand away from me. I shook my head with a smile on my lips and walked to the door and he followed. "Mom we're back!" I yelled out but didn't hear anything. "Come on she's probably in the kitchen. " I said shutting the door. We walked towards the kitchen. "Mom!" I said again. "Maybe she's in the bathroom." Kookie said as I made my way towards the bathroom. I glanced in her room and she was on her bed. "Mom wake up." I said walking into her room and shaking her. she slowly woke up. "Oh your back already?" She said yawning. "Yea, now come meet my boyfriend." "oooh." My mom saying this made me laugh. I left the room and found Kookie right in the place I left him. "I'm sorry I was just worried for a second there." "I get it." "Oh so this is the Famous see what I did there." My mom was trying to make a joke. Kookie laughed. "Has she been talking about me alot?" He asked "Oh yes." My mom said with her innocent smile. "Well then hello maam it's nice to finally meet you in person." He said and bowed. "Korean thing." I said when I saw her confused look. She nodded "So I wasn't expecting you two back for a bit longer so I'll start dinner now." My mom walked to the kitchen. "Well she looks fine." Kookie said. "I know right. Ok come with me I'll take you to your room." With that I walked off and he grabbed his bag and followed me. He set his bag down and then walked back out. "Aren't you going to unpack?" I asked "No, I'll do it later." He said grabbing my hand. We went into the kitchen and helped my mom finish make the meal and then I set the table while those two talked. Finally dinner was made and served. "Ok well I'm old and I'm going to bed now. So you two enjoy your time together." My mom said and left the room. "Are you tired?" I asked "No, it's like 2 pm back home." He glanced at his phone to verify the time back in Korea. "Well then let's watch a movie." I got up and picked a movie. It was a comedy. I learned my lesson with horror movies. I still ended up falling asleep on him. When I woke up he had lifted me up and was walking to a door. "That's my mom's room." I said as he was about to push the door open. "Which one is yours?" He asked. "I got this." I said and had him set me down. I walked to the room he was staying in and pulled him onto the bed with me. "Sarah, we can't do this." Kookie said causing me to laugh. "I just want to cuddle." I said moving closer to him and attempting to snuggle into him. "I don't think..." "My mom won't get mad as long as we aren't doing it " "I don't know." He said "Trust me." I sleepily kissed his lips and then closed my eyes. Within a few minutes I was asleep again.
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