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Day three is favorite guy and it hands down goes to the demon swordsman zoro. From the very first time I saw him fight he was my favorite one piece character. He's a monster with swords but was nothing except a helpless pest to Hawkeye. On his defeat he swore to Luffy he'd become stronger. In top of that I'd love to have a drink with the guy.
He's crazy strong and fearless he's a total badass. I like that he doesn't really boast about his strength like his enemies do because he knows he's strong. When kuma offered to take Zoros life in place of Luffy he accepted the punishment without a seconds hesitation proving again his devotion to his captain. But my absolute favorite Zoro moment is when Usopp left the crew and Luffy began to waver. He reassured his Luffy that he's the captain for a reason and and that his conviction can't be shaken so easily. He's proven time and again he will stand by Luffy until he becomes the pirate king