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One of my many favorites of SHINee and their still rocking it. All of them look amazing here, but I'm just going to take a moment or a few to fan girl over my baby and his sexiness! Excuse me Mr. Kim but your slaying me again with your sexiness. I'm enjoying every minute of it please continue in 2017 :). SHINee I Hope you have a great 2017.
In all honesty I think I wouldn't have made it to 2017 if I watched this New Year's eve...First it was BTS and Rainism and then SHINee a fan girl can only handle so much...
Thank You for Loving and Supporting SHINee!
샤이니를 사랑해주셔서 감사합니다!
Loving Shawols! (ask to be added!)
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SHINee I love them!