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I feel like he wants to grab hand in this gif...So Jinyoung did you notice we are on a new day starting this year off? ..... Are you Seriously still mad? ..... Fine....So my lovely peeps if you can't tell Jinyoung cards will be posted on Fridays. And since it is the first friday of the Q1 and the year and just like the other members this card will be spam... Also there will be more cards today to follow later, like a new year's resolution and maybe another fact card about our love and Eomma of the group. And maybe one or two more cards. So please stay tune and appreciate and love Jinyoung like I do.
his smiles give me life but then him looking so pensive gets my butterflies all crazy.. **low key jinyoung is trying hard not to smile.**
his profile is life. it's very pretty yet so handsome. his nose and lips are perfection ***omg he cracked a smile....Omo it disappeared***
I mean he just argh ruins me noona heart can't take it...
then him and his reading yep kills me...I just really find jinyoung intriguing ***Noona, I forgive you for having more than one bias other than me. I promise one day I'll be the ub*** guys he forgave me....but now I'm scared for my poor heart and soul...
so squishy....
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