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Hola mi familia! XD

So today is the first vote of the year for Vingle's Top 20 songs of the week!

Want a full recap of how this works?

Click here

If not, then let's begin shall we? ;)

The Rules~:

You guys will comment below on this card what 5 songs were on constant repeat for you this week (from first to fifth place and both the artist and the song title).
The songs also don't have to be newer songs, just your 5 songs that you couldn't get out of your head!
Lastly, this list is only for Kpop songs. If they are songs/covers by a Kpop artist in another language or featuring them, those are also accepted!
You will have all of today and Saturday to vote so make sure you get your votes in before the results are posted on Sunday!

Second, The restrictions for the week...

(The songs you can't vote for)


Since I forgot to do how many weeks each song was on the list last week, we are gonna start over so feel free to vote away! XD

See you all on Sunday!

*Savage Thunder Mafia*

~The Song Enthusiasts~

B –
E – @ESwee
F –
J – @JaxomB
L –
N –
P –
W – @WolfLune
X –
Z –

(Credit to owners of the gifs!)

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Big Bang -Fxxk It Jay Park - Me Like Yuh B.A.P - Sky Dive or Young Wild and Free K.A.R.D - Oh Nana Infinite - Eye
1. Take Me Now - FT Island 2. OMGT - Madtown 3. TT - Twice 4. Toy - Block B 5. Fear - Mino ft. Taeyang
Darn, I posted on the wrong card POOP!!!!
LOL it's all good I gotchu! 😄
1) Body- Mino 2) Blue- Big Bang 3) Skydive- BAP 4) Dumb & Dumber- iKON 5) Trespass- Monsta X
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Ahh okay! Can't wait 😁
1) Monster - EXO 2) Day by Day - T-ARA 3) Star - HEIZE 4) Overdose - EXO 5) Oh NaNA - K.A.R.D
Sorry! The poll results are already up as the polling ended last night! But I will make sure to tag you for sure in the one on next Friday! 😉