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Hi all @VeronicaArtino here. You may call me Veronica, Vero, V, Nica or anything you wish lol. So I am so horrible at doing intro cards. I want to thank @CrookedShadow for letting me be a supporter for C.N.Blue. I really love this band and appreciate each member. Well I am the Mod for the Kdrama community, I am a supporter for the GOT7 community and have been for a year now. I also am a supporter for the TOP and Winner communities. I've been into kpop for about 12 years now. I've been into Kdramas for about 13 ywars. I've been watching Anime since I've been 6 so that's 24 years because of my older brother. My favorite CNBLUE song would be Love Girl. CNBLUE is Def in my top ten fav groups of all time along with BigBang (my ub group), Got7, bts, winner, super junior, inifinte, monsta x (just moved up), epik high, and Jay park (though he ain't a group lol I should just say aomg) lol...
Fridays are my days for CNBLUE and I'll be covering my wreckers of the group Minhyuk and Jonghyun. Minhyuk destroys me well lol.
I hope you join us in loving these boys that have such great music
and do so many things outside of music as well. so I hope you get to know them very well.
Congrats dear!! ♡
Congratulations on being mod support for CNBLUE. They are an awesome group.