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Hello my Darlings! I apologize for this first Chani card being late. Work ended late, and I didn't even get a lunch break, so here I am, finally home, about to bask in the glow of the smile of our favorite maknae!
To start with, I wanted to take a little time and introduce everyone to our SF9 maknae. Most of you know him as Chani, but his real name is Kang Chanhee. - His birthday is on January 17, 2000 (coming up!!) + Making him 17 years old this year, and a Capricorn. - Chani is the maknae (meaning he's the youngest in SF9), he is also a vocalist and dancer. - He was a child actor when he was younger, playing many roles, but my personal favorite is that he played a young Kang Tae-Joon in To the Beautiful You! + He was also in Can You Hear My Heart and The Queen's Classroom. + He was in DBSK's MV for Balloons He was originally signed with Fantagio (Home of ASTRO), but in 2013, moved over to FNC Entertainment, and began his training, eventually joining the NEOZ group for the Dance or Band competition.