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This is the seventh of ten cards introducing the members of the rookie group, Pentagon! If you would like to check out the others in the series, they can be found in my "Get to Know: ___" collection!

Stay tuned, as I will try to upload the next installment as quickly as possible! ❤ Hope you enjoy!~
• Full Name: Yan An (옌안) (閆桉)

• Position: Vocalist

• Birthday: October 25th, 1996

• Height: 186cm (6'1")

• Hometown: Shanghai, China
• Not much is known about YanAn pre-Pentagon, because he mostly spent his time on academics and extracurriculars.

• If he hadn't become an idol, he would have been a flight attendant.
• I have included a video that allows you to see YanAn's vocal color, an excerpt from Pentagon Maker!
• Soft!!!!!!!!!!!!!

• Innocent!!! (Has never had a girlfriend before!)

• Can be super SUPER cute and then immediately go to salty.

• Awkward!!

• Did I mention cute & soft???,?

• Clumsy,,

• He can be pretty savage!

•Someone help him,,,
• He can play the piano.

• He can play the traditional Chinese instrument 'Erhu', which is like a violin.

• He enjoys the sports soccer, basketball, and swimming.

• When Pentagon Maker first began airing, he had only been living in Korea for 4 months.
Thanks so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed~ Please forgive me if you don't agree with my description of his personality, as it's simply how I interpret him to be, not necessarily how he is.

If you have any questions, relating to YanAn, Pentagon, or otherwise, feel free to leave them in the comments section and I'll get back to you as soon as possible!
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He's literally such a fluff ball, I love it
Me too!!! 😍