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Birthname: Park Jinyoung Born: September 22, 1994 (22) Zodiac: Virgo. Height: 178 cm tall Weight: 63 kg. Born in: Jinhae-gu, South Korea Blood Type: O Label: JYP Entertainment Official Website: Twitter ID: @jrjyp Facebook page URL: Instagram ID: pepi_jr He made his debut in 2012 as a member of JJ Project Occupation: Singer, Dancer, Actor, Rapper, Songwriter, Choregrapher, MC Position in GOT7: Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Rapper Active Years: 2012 – Present Status: Single


Known as “Mother” position in the group. Is known as super bright personality. He has no pet. His fanclub name is I GOT7. His religion is Christianity. His shoe size is “26.5”. He becomes happy when he dances and sings. He becomes relax when he is riding a bike. His makeup tips are emphasizing of eyes. His most famous gossip is he changes his stage name “Jr.” to “Junior”. and then changing to his real name Jinyoung in August 2016. He plays some instruments like piano. He has no tattoo. He is known as a super hardworker, not only for dancing and singing, but for acting. His ideal type is a woman who has a lot of charm (aejyo). His ideal date is to play in a river and BBQ, kind of “Outdoor” date. He is a fashion leader in the group. When he is called “Jireongie”, he feels nostalgia and good as he was called so when he was young. He rarely uses a mirror. He is so generous and open to other people. He has his own room and is also known as the messiest He is a Potterhead; made got7 watch all 8 Harry Potter movies Favorites Movie: Horror, romance, comedy Instrument: Piano Food: hamburger, pizza, meat Musicians: Justin Timberlake, Usher, Michael Buble Favorite colors: White Favorite Movie: Horror, romance, comedy Favorite Music: R&B Soul music, Jazz Role Model: 2PM, Shinhwa Motto: None but his favorite quote is ‘Only 1’ is better than ‘Number 1’. Personality: serious, lively, thinks a lot. Hobby: Watching movies, Walking, Playing Piano Drama: Dream High 2 (2012) When a Man Falls in Love (2013) Dream Knight (2015) Beloved Eun-dong (2015) Legend of the Blue Sea (2016) Films: Snowflurries (2016) (SOURCE)
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lol I didn't realize he changed his name again 😊😊