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Jay Park with Korean Zombie Mma camp training
Que tal peeps! Jay FB page.... 2월 4일 UFC Fight Night 104 메인이벤트 를위해 괴물처럼 훈련하는 아직까지좀어색하고 말안놨지만 친구인 정찬성 선수 랑 2월 11일 로드fc 에서 경기를 준비하는 내동생 서진수 선수랑 the whole zombie mma camp 화이링하세요~! Shout out to the whole Korean Zombie Mma camp training like beasts puttin in that work~! Gluck with your upcoming fights!! #koreanzombiemma #followthemovement #aomg #어딜가도몸좀좋은편인데이분들앞에서우통을못까겠더라 ㅋㅋㅋ
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Woah!! That's pretty cool. I hope he enjoys the camp and has fun with the people he's with!
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