The 3 new members of BIGFLO revealed themselves on their latest IDOL X IDOL broadcast and were later introduced through BIGFLO's Official SNS. "[TRANS] For all of our #Waves The complete #Bigflo Has been officially shown through #V-app❤ We’re preparing hard For our upcoming comeback #BIGFLO ❗  Please give us a lot of love and support~"
"[#Sungmin] My first greeting with all of our Waves. Hello! I’m Sungmin who is in charge of warm and soft vocals! In the future I’ll show Waves a lot of good appearances, please wait and give me a lot of love^^ Thank you!"
"[#Lex] Hello! I’m #Lex who is in charge of chicness and soul-voice! I’m so happy to finally greet #Waves! You’ll see lots of good music so please anticipate is a lot! Look out cuz I’m coming your way
"[#EuiJin] My first greeting! I’m #Bigflo’s newly joined EuiJin~ I’m so happy and excited to meet you^^♡ I’ll show you a lot of good appearances in the future, please anticipate it a lot and give me lots of love! It’s cold so be careful not to get sick so we can meet quickly~! Bye~!!♡♡"
There are also some facts about EuiJin and Sungmin that were revealed!
EuiJin: Former leader of group A.cian (previous stage name Lo-J), Full name: Lee EuiJin Birthday: 90.02.15
Sungmin: Former member of group A-ble Full name: Oh Sungmin, Birthday: 90.12.31
HighTop also took a couple photos with Sungmin last year so they were probably friends before or after Sungmin joined the agency. No info has been found out about Lex, but if there's any revealed I will update the card~
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That's awesome news. I'm liking the new members already 😆
EuiJin literally looks like Jimin from BTS, Sungjae from BTOB and Park Bo Gum to me😍😍😍