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Were almost there aren't we! Lol. I'm fast forwarding a little bit through so hope I don't loose anyone. ******
Several days had passed and Jenni was kind of excited. They would be starting their new job. The other big thing was Jenni and Sarah broke their lease a couple months early and decided this new year would start on a high note. Sarah was going to be moving into the dorm with the guys and Jenni was moving into an apartment with Namjoon. He had made sure there was high security on the building, pet friendly and close by to work. He ended up finding a nice place in between his studio and Jenni's radio station. "So by the end of the month we'll be going our seperate ways" Jenni said sitting on the couch in their house. "You make it sound like that's the end of us" sarah laughed bumping her shoulder with Jenni's "Oh if only" Jenni sighed but then laughs   "You witch! That is so mean of you" Sarah laughed. "But seriously your stuck with me" Sarah said. "I'm good with that!" Jenni nodded "I didn't mean it. I'm addicted to our crazy antics and conversations" she said. "Good, now since we have everything packed minus our beds and blankets you want to go out to eat?" Sarah asked. "I'm starving, but I was going to meet up with Joonie" I said. "Oh so you were going to ditch me for your boyfriend. I see how it is. Just because you brought in the new year with him should have been an indicator you would spend all your time with him" sarah sniffled. "Oh suck it up. You've been with kooki" I said. "Yah what's with you writing about kooki getting in a fight!" Someone said walking into the door. Namjoon, kooki and Jin walked into the apartment grabbing the girls attention   "An why is your story having the girl leave me?" Kooki questioned looking at sarah. "Um" the girls looked at each other. "You know I'm shocked we kept these stories to ourselves for so long" Jenni said. "I really wish I didn't show kooki. It looks like they are all reading them" Sarah said. Jenni laughed then a thought crossed her mind and she looked at the guys panicked. "How much of my story have you all read?" Jenni asked. "All of it, all the way to the last update" Namjoon said. "I have smut in that story!" Jenni shot to her feet. "Damn baby you did." Namjoon said. "I'm really going to have to demonstrate how a condom works" he said. Jenni stared then burst out laughing. "Namjoon!" Sarah burst out "TMI! TMI!" She exclaimed. Namjoon smirked and grabbed Jenni and pulled her away. "Wait why are you getting Tae, kooki and Tao in a fight together?" Kooki called out. "She's updating tomorrow she won't tell until then" sarah said. "Your not the only one wanting to know if 'Latae' becomes real" sarah said. "Latae?" Kooki questioned. "Layla and Taes shipname. Someone reading it came up with it and I love it, so does Jenni" Sarah said. "Well poo. Than you'll have to explain your story to me! Does the mother die? I have to know?!" Kooki turned on his girlfriend making her laugh. "I'm not telling" she chuckled. "But but story me hasn't met her yet!" Kooki said "she can't die until I meet her" he added. "Hmm maybe you will maybe you won't" she said. "Tiger tell me" he whined making her laugh more. The boys were really getting into these fanfics . . . "I'm done I want out of this apartment!"  Several day had gone by and Jenni was going stir crazy. They had two weeks off so they could get ready for their new job starting in February. It was going to be in a new place but same material. This was the girls vacation, but two weeks was too long. By the end of the first week all the packing had been done and everything was just waiting for the move. Now, Jenni was going crazy. "Sarah I need out I can't take these plain walls and the blah of our bare apartment " Jenni complained. "Really? You can't last a week?" Sarah laughed as she pet kitty in her lap. "No. I'm bored"Jenni said. "Fine let's go out" Sarah said. So the girls went out on the town. They ended up walking around and finding a little area that had lots of little shops and fun things to do after several hours they came back. The next few days they did various things together soaking up time and then the day came that the end of the month came and they started taking things out of the apartment. Jenni took the couch and some of the furniture since sarah was moving into a dorm. . . . . . "So panda what do you think?" Namjoon asked wrapping his arms around her from behind. She looked at their apartment. Of course they got a 2, bedroom place knowing people would come over and stay the night. It was a nice set up, there was a hallway that went into the place. The kitchen was closed off to one side, the bedrooms just passed that. The living room was on the right and stretched out to look out with a balcony. "I love it Mr. Fox!" Jenni spun in his arms and hugged him. "Its our own space" he chuckled. "I love you panda bear" he said pressing a kiss to her forehead. "It looks like suga made herself at home already" Jenni said seeing that kitty coming out of the kitchen, stop and lick its paw. Namjoon looked around then looked at the cat and chuckled. "Looks like she has" he agreed.
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Nooooooo!!!!!! It's coming to an end! I'm getting hit hard af with these reality checks. It reminds me of this weird video that my brother watched of this old comedian who's talking about cancer and he's like " A little cancer's good for you, it keeps you on your toes" Well I've come to realize even if it's hard to believe for deal with but a little reality check is good for you, it keeps me on my toes. I love this fanfic parts just the thought of having a fanfic about reading a fanfic entertains me so much. I wonder how the series will end? Will there be 100 parts or 102 parts? Ooooh lowkey scared and excited at the same time!!
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@SerenaArthurs but thank you...I'm just saying very glad you enjoy it so much
why didn't I get notified!!!! ahhhhh ok I read love it!!!!!