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First off, I wanted to say thank you so much to @awkwardjazzy for letting me join the mod support team for pentagon! I am so, so excited! On Saturdays I will making cards for both Wooseok and E'Dawn, which I am also super excited about. I'm still quite new to Pentagon, but I am super excited to get to know these boys and fall even more in love with them.
A little about myself
*My name is Anna, but if you want to, you can call me bapastro.
*I'm 20 years old and a Sophomore in college.
*I just started listening to kpop back in April of 2016. So far, its been a roller coaster of craziness and fun.
*My Ultimate bias is I.M of Monsta X and my Ultimate bias wrecker is Zico of Block B.
*Speaking of Block B, I am also the moderator for Block B, and I am so excited!
*My top 5 kpop groups are Monsta X, Block B, Astro, Seventeen, and Pentagon.
*I am also a supporter for the Monsta X, SF9, and Seventeen communities. I'm incredibly excited for this quarter!
Gorilla Mod Squad
Penta-stan Tag list:
The Sensation Feeling Squad
The Fighters League
@KaiLuhan4Ever (Moderator)
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@bapastro (mod)
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