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안녕하세요 (hello) and welcome (back),
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(Y/n)’s POV:
I kept calling him. I was upset that he wasn’t answering me after that call. I really wanted to talk to him. I sighed as I had gotten his voice mail for the fifteenth time. Finally, I called Jackson trying to get a hold of him. I always had Jackson’s number, but I haven’t used it because I believe it’s an emergency number. Jackson answered after the second ring. “hey, I can’t talk right now, were on a TV live right now…” “I don’t care, put mark on the phone…” “Were like, (Y/n) …” “Now Jackson!” I screamed. “I’ll get him to call you later…” *click* he had just hung up on me. Now I was pissed, so I left the dorm and head to the studio.
Mark’s POV:
“Okay, and now after the break were going to ask the guys some personal questions…” the host ended the show for now as we took a quick rest. I heard someone clear their throat behind me. It was (Y/n) and she looked pissed. “Is that the beautiful, (Y/n)? What are you doing here gracing us with your presents?” Her expression softened as she looked over at the host and said “Oh, I just need a quick chat with Jackson and Mark, if that’s okay with you?” “No problem, Deary. Just be back before the break if over okay?” “Oh, they will be back in time… oh and our manager got your message about starring in the show and I personally think that we should do it,” she smiled and the host got flustered, by just her look. She grabbed both Jackson and I, practically dragging us to our dressing room.
“Jackson, you’re going to time us and be look out…” “Why do I have to be look out for you two?” “It’s something to make up for the fact that you hung up on me earlier… Or do you want me to take it out on you?” she said angrily. “I’ll be look out…” Jackson said putting his hands in the air for surrender. I hadn’t realized that she can be scary when she’s angry… because she’s never had been angry towards me. She pulled me into the dressing room and slammed the door.
(Y/n)’s POV:
“What the hell were you thinking calling me on a show saying you like me when I’m clearly in a relationship? Huh? What if a fan figures out it was me on the other end of the call? They would have known that I had a boyfriend and do what fans do best… get into our personal life.” I was yelling now. I didn’t care if I hurt his feelings. He could have just single handedly started a scandal and may have ruined J-Hope and I’s careers. “I’m sorry, but there is never a good time to tell you that I like you and that you’re ripping my heart out every time I see you with someone besides me… What was I supposed to do? Stay silent for the rest of my life, and live in regret that I never told you?” “Yes! Because I did the exactly the same for you, countless times…” I stopped myself. His face changed from anger to confusion in a spilt second. “What?” “Just forget I said something, okay?”’ I started to walk out, but he stopped me by moving in front of me. “No, what did you mean by that?” I turned my head so I couldn’t see his face and tried to push pass him, but he just blocked me from going anywhere. “Look at me, (Y/n).” I didn’t respond. “Please, just look at me…” “Just move on Mark. I did and I found someone that I love … that wasn’t you…” I finally escaped and walked out the door, but when I got out the door I saw J-Hope standing there talking to Jackson a few feet away. The show was about to start so the guys left to get back on the stage.
I was confused on why he was here. “Hey,” he said as I walked up. “Hey.” We were silent for a second before he grabbed my arm and dragged me over to the stage. “What are you doing?” He didn’t respond. He stopped next one of the staff on the side of the stage and he began to speak on his headset. J-Hope turned and smiled at me. “Hold on, I have something planed.” Suddenly the host started the program, but stopped mid-sentence to listen to someone telling him something over in his ear piece. He grinned to the words that were relayed to him. “Oh, we have two unexpected guess with us today. We not only have the seven boys from got seven, but we have J-Hope from BTS and (Y/n) from GFY here with us. Why don’t you two come sit with everyone here?” J-Hope dragged me on the stage and made me sit next to him. “So, what made you come on the show today?” The host asked. “Um… well, I have an announcement to make…” “Well, go on ahead, what is it that you’d like to share?” “Well, um…” he looked at me then looked back as he camera as he nervously rubbed his hands on his lab. Now I knew what he was about to do. I reached over and grabbed one of his hands to comfort him. “(Y/n) and I have been dating for a while now.” The live audience gasped and I smiled.
“Wow, that’s some surprising news!” the host had a smile that went from ear to ear. I caught Mark in the corner of my eye, even though I could tell that he was upset, he had a good way of hiding it. after our announcement, we continued the rest of the show with GOT7. “So, (Y/n) there’s a rumor that you know Mark…” “Yeah, we met when we were younger, we went to school together…” there was a lot of talking about everyone’s old personal lives, relationships, etc. The show finally ended, I said my awkward goodbye to Mark and my goodbyes to the rest of the guys before I left with J-Hope.
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