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Hello MY Shawols! Haha I swear I only have three more intros then you will only see me on designated days. The talented and wonderful @VixenViVi decided to keep it real and keep me on to Continue

Tofu Onew Tuesdays

~~ Thank you bebe!! I am so excited about the ability to help you bring love to our boys ♡ ~~

▪▪ My Bias in SHINee ▪▪

☆☆ None other than Lee Jinki ☆☆

This floofy guy is the bias. If you know me, I love goofballs. This guy overflows that factor.

❧ About Onew ❧

Real Name : Lee Jin Ki Stage Name : Onew (온유) Occupation : Singer, dancer, actor, songwriter, presenter, model, & radio host Nickname : Onew, Dubu, Tofu Position : Vocal, Leader Birthplace : Gwangmyeong, Gyeonggi Birthdate : December 14th, 1989 Bloodtype : O Height : 177cm Weight : 61 kg Education : Chungwoon University Hobbies/Skills : Singing, Piano, Chinese

❧ Fun Facts ❧

Subject in School: Accounting Movie: August rush Instrument: Piano Food: Chicken Colors: Yellow, Red Motto: To be able to have all types of experiences, one must always pursue something new. Personality: Very ambitious at attempting to be humourous Hobby: Listening to music, playing basketball, sleeping Sports: Basketball

▪▪ About Me ▪▪

Names I go by: Aimee, Aime, Aimz, Aims, AL or you can call me Queeny Cross Genie ♡ {Completely Up to you}

➻ I'm 27

➻ I represent Teal & White for Cervical Cancer: I fought like a girl and won. 4 years Cancer free ♡ ➻ I have one tattoo that is the ribbon for Awareness surrounded by a lotus flower. The lotus flower is a symbol of strength in trying times.

➻ I have 6 other tattoos planned ♡ Drawing one for me too actually

➻ I love animals.

**Cockatoos are my favorite birds, turtles are Muh favorite reptile, Hedgehogs, Dogs and Otters are my favorite otherwise.

➻ Cross Gene is my Ultimate Group, housing two of my Ultimate Biases. {I'm SanYoung all the way}

➻ Been into KPOP for almost 5 years. Been into Jpop & Jrock for over 12 years.

Diaura, the Gazette, CLØWD, Fudanjuku, Gackt, Hyde etc.

➻ I do like anime.

➻ Have a Bachelor's in Criminology & Sociology. Currently working on my CDA and Associates in Childhood Education.

▪▪ Favorite Groups ▪▪

Cross Gene, VIXX, BTOB, B2ST, EXO, SHINee, NCT, Topp Dogg, plus JJCC, 100%, Pentagon, Top Secret, MR.MR, Click- B, AlphaBat, M.Fect, M.Pire, Imfact, 24K, Masc, Boys Republic, Road Boyz, Beatwin, Hotshot, Bigflo, Bigstar, MyName, A.Cian, Madtown, High4, MaTilDa, BTL,


▪▪ If you would like to know anything else about me, feel free to ask▪▪

▪▪ Be sure to Stay tuned for Tofu Onew Tuesdays ♡ ▪▪

Loving Shawols!

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My baby I raised from birth. T_T
He's such a precious one. Thank you for raising a good boy ♡ 😄