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Sooo I've been obsessed with this album since it came out and I was thinking a few of the songs sounded like they could be about "adult" things. So I just looked up the lyrics and a few caught my eye...

1. Limitless

We'll start with their title song. There were a few parts that were a tad risky....
Did you see the world, Hot and about to explode? Can you hear it? We become one. Baby I don’t want nobody but you.
The ones in the video are slightly different than the ones I looked up.

2. Baby Don't Like It

First impression: "Uhhhhhhhhh wtf? Are those squeaking bed sounds?! WHAT IS THIS SONG ABOUUTTT!??!" Yes they are. And the whole song is littered with innuendos, but it starts with:
"I like it when we get closer, when it gets risky."
And goes downhill from there. Taeyong's whole verse is outrageous:
"You’ve really got no patience, I’m gonna harass you Until the sun comes up Come closer and show me your fantasy I’m gonna adore you so much right You have to fear me, that’s what I want You want to hit me and beat me and you want to ruin me I will act as your drawing, I’m freaking honest My body, my body reacts on its own, I can’t be satisfied I try to play with your heartbeat I want you to know my heartbeat Make it faint so I can barely hear it Cospres Snow White I like it, let me be your hobbit Be more rude to me, I feel it babe I love it, love it, love it, love it, love it too I’m gonna throw so you catch Beach Volleyball That’s what we’re going, going so high, we may fill our stomach But we party all night, Forget about your fatigue I love it, love it, love it, love it too I showed you myself so so me yourself I hope that you hug me You made me suffer from lack of affection"
Then it comes to a clear end with:
"I don’t know why I’m like this I don’t know why I wanna do bad things again"
Which really is made all the worse by the damn bed squeaking.

3. Good Thing

My second favorite on the album, reminded me of a song Got7 would sing....But with lyrics like "the air becomes hot" "whipping cream" "flex your muscles" <--(my mind went way too far with that one) "step up if you can keep up" "let's get in really deep" and finally "we gonna dance loudly, daily, until we get that good thing" Well, I'll just link the >lyrics< if you wanna read them it really sinks in. My jaw hit the floor honestly, I wasn't expecting that lol. I mean it could totally just be about dancing together but I'm convinced its 100% about doing dirty things...and they're not even discreet about it! Bravo, SM! But they're just wee lil bebs! Why are you allowing them to sing about such adult things!?
Here's the whole album if you haven't found it on your music apps yet. 'Angel' is officially my winter jam ❤❤❤ Ahhh longest card I've ever maaaddee, had some extra time today for once! Thanks for sticking around to the end! Haha!