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Warning: This Fanfic will contain extreme angst

Just to let you know... Enjoy^^

My name is Jade Sanchez. I've been living with my parents for a while now and I'm 18 years old. I've had quite a complicated childhood but I managed to make it through. When I was smaller, people used to pick on me for being poor. They used to call me 'Ugly' , 'Street Rat' , 'Homeless bitch' , 'Unwanted child' , 'Loner', etc. In used to it tho. But it hurts. At my house I have to clean around the house and help my mom with the food and dishes. My father works as an architect, he works really hard but his companions make fun of him for being poor. The rumor started to spread and his boss found out. At first I thought he was going to feel bad and pay him more but instead he laughed and payed him way less that his usual salary. My mother tried to find a job but she couldn't afford any. When I found out about this, I thought of the world cruel. No no no, my mistake, I didn't mean the world. What I meant to say was the people... Yes, humans who are merely ants who look through social media. When something trendy comes on they follow what's going on and go along with the rest of the world. They think that they're all that just because they have money. They think of themselves highly and judge people. I'm probably wrong but that's what I think. (Don't take it personal you guys, it's just a ff^.^;) Money... Man where do I start here. OK so money... Money changes people dramatically, that I can tell you. Money is everywhere and everything practically. Money is what everyone wants and need in order to survive. But why don't we have enough money? I don't think it's because of the jobs but the people. We really are confusing creatures... "Jade, wake up its time for you to go work!" My mom yelled. I groaned and sat up. I rubbed my eyes and got up. I went to the bathroom and took a shower letting the cold water run on me to wake up. Once I finished, I went to my closet and choose out an outfit. I don't have a lot of clothes. All I have is like 10 dresses, 10, shirts, and like 8 skinny jeans. Anyways I finally picked out a dress and put on some heels, I also put on a necklace that has a blue jewelry in circle. I curled my hair and put on very little makeup sense I don't have that much. I went to the mirror and looked at myself...
I smiled and grabbed my purse. I went to the kitchen and saw my parents. "Good Morning mija!" "Good Morning." I sat down on the old table and looked at my plate. I had two burritos with beans, cheese, and Carne asada. "This looks good mom! Thank you!" I started to eat and finished it. When I got up my mom comments. You're wearing the dress I made you, it looks nice!" I smiled. "Thank you mom." I kissed my mom and dad on the check and left. It was a nice sunny day. I closed my eyes and breathed in the fresh air in the morning. "Mm... Oh!" I was so busy in my own world that I didn't payed attention to my surroundings. I ran into a man's back. I backed up and bowed down. "I'm truly sorry, I wasn't paying attention!" I stood back up and the man turned around.
*Bell Rings off in the distance* He is handsome! We stared at each other for a while now and noticed. We both turned away averting our gaze. "I-its fine." He said while covering his lips with his sleeve. He was wearing a white, long sleeved shirt, it seems that he was hanging out with his other friends who are attractive as well. I bowed once again and left. I started to walk away from him. I turned back around and saw his staring back. I turned away again and clutched my purse. As I was walking down the sidewalk I finally reached my destination. I got inside and heard buzzing. I looked around and saw many people. Looks like it's gunna be busy here today at the Cafe. I went to go change and saw my boss. "Hey Jade!" "Hi Nina." I smiled. Nina is my boss, but we're actually friends. When we first meet, it was at a store. We were both shopping. We were looking for a dress. I found it hanging along with other dresses. I reached out my hand and grabbed one sleeve. But I noticed an other hand on the other sleeve. The dress was a beautiful shade of purple with long sleeves. I looked up following who's hand it lead to. I looked up and saw a girl with green eyes and red hair. She had freckles too. "Umm, ma'am? Excuse me please." I said. "Umm, I was actually trying to get this dress." She said. "What a coincidence!" We both glared at each other and started to pull the dress. We started to fight for the dress by pulling it but sadly it riped... *Streeechh~* We both stopped and looked at the dress ripped in half and then looked at each other, we started to look around and placed it back where it was and walked away... The next day we bumped into each other at a different cafe. We stared at each other and laughed remembering what happened last time we meet. "Have a seat." I said. She sat down and we started to talk, we soon became friends and well she gave me a job. She doesn't have a lot of helpers here so it was only me, her, and a boy named Josh. Josh is the chef in this cafe. He's pretty popular with the ladys. Me and Nina, we walk around taking costumers orders. "Well then, let's get to work Jade!" I stood up, and picked up my hair in a high pony tail. I put on my black cap on and looked at myself in the mirror that hangs on the lockers. I was wearing a pink shirt with black leggings. (all 3 of you guys are wearing the same uniform fyi) I tied my shoes and went out... "Hello sir how may I help you?" I went to my first customer. "Yes, I would like a black coffee along with one of your special cakes you make!" He looked at me smiling. I smiled back and wrote it down. "I'll be right back." I went behind the counter and ducked down. There was a mini fridge and I opened it. I took out a cake that I made. It was a tres Leches . These cakes are really good! I put it on the counter and poured coffee in a small cup. I got the cup and cake and went towards his table. "Here you go sir, that will be $3.25" He nodded and took out his wallet. He paid me and I put the money in my pocket. I went to the next table and took out my notepad and pencil. When I looked at my next customers, I saw the same man I bumped into this morning. He was with his other two friends earlier too. I shrugged it off and got back. "Hello sir, may I help you?" I smiled at them. "Umm, yes I would like a 'you' to go please." One of his friends said and snickered. "Excuse my friends they're dumb." The man I bumped into said. "Hey!" They both shout. "Anyways, I'm Jimin. This is Hoseok and Taehyung." I noded. So the man I bumped into was Jimin huh... "We would like a small cup of coffee, and Chocolate cake please." I wrote it down and nodded. "I'll be back with your orders." I bowed and left. || Jimins Pov~ "Ill be back with your orders." She said as she bowed and left. I looked at Hoseok and Tae. "Hey Jimin, isn't she the girl you bumped into this morning? " I nodded. "She's hot." Tae said. "Shut up." I replied. "Here are your orders." She came back with our orders. She placed them down and said. "That will be $5.34" I took out my wallet and paid her. "May I ask what your name is?" I asked . She looked at me surprised. "I-its Jade." "Jade... I like it." I say as I smiled at her. She bowed and left. ||Jade's pov~ When I left, I smiled to myself and went to my next customers. -End of the day- I took out the trash and I changed into my other clothes. I'm getting paid tomorrow. I grabbed my purse and left. I was walking down the street and I heard something suspicious. "Let's steal her." My eyes widen as I heard that sentence. I quietly took off my heels and started to walk faster and faster. I finally reached the neighborhood, I went inside my house and locked the door. "Ya llege! I'm home!" I went to my room and changed didn't bother changing, I fell on my bed and went straight to dream land.
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