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Hey you guys I'm coming to you with only one video today although there are quite a few songs to cover.
SHINHWA has finally blessed us with their music video for 'Touch' and it is crazy. DongWan sitting in the cold water(please get well soon and stop sitting in cold water), Jun Jin running his car into a wall (I hope he didn't get hurt in that stunt), Eric and Andy rapping (but do you see how skinny my Andy is TT, please be healthy oppa), Hyesung oppa chilling with scorpions and a piano, and Min Woo oppa dancing like theres no tomorrow.

(I have to apologize, if I mixed up names. SHINHWA members are not my strong suit and I only really know Andy, Eric and JunJin oppa).

Who else is loving this theme of older Kpop groups making a comeback? I'm especially loving this whole maturity thing that they got going on, even more so since they are actually mature (well more mature than the average Kpop group now) and making their music video accordingly.
Please comment what you think of these guys.
Tagging all of my lovelies
I died when I saw this!!
@QueenPandaBunny please stay alive for the whole album and then you can die 😜😜😜
i love shinhwa and I was so happy for this comeback, I think it is really good, I've been following shinhwa since I started listening to kpop but I still don't know all the members very well lol feel bad about that sometimes
@Cheti96 oh great I thought I was the only one slipping in the name department ☺️☺️