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For this Q1 and first Friday of 2017 the actress I pick for this Fantastic Female Friday is....


Born: April 4, 1980
Agency: Management SOOP
Active: 1999-Present
She is definitely one of my favorite actresses. The first drama I ever saw her in was Pasta. Though it wasn't until Master's Sun that truly made her a favorite in my book. She does play in a lot of romanctic comedies but her comedic timing and lovable personality off screen helps her skills in all her roles.
I can't help but hope to one day be able to meet her and express how big of a fan I am. Most people will probably recognize her from Jealousy Incarnate, where she did a superb job.


(1999) Memento Mori
(2000) Summer Story
(2001) Last Present (2001) Guns & Talks (2001) Volcano High
(2002) Surprise Party (2002) Emergency Act 19 (2002) A Bizarre Love Triangle (2002) Conduct Zero
(2005) Heaven's Soldiers
(2006) Family Ties
(2007) Happiness
(2008) Crush and Blush
(2009) Sisters on the Road
(2010) Rolling Home With a Bull
(2012) Love Fiction
(2013) Boomerang Family
(2016) Missing Child
Upcoming Project ; 2017 Single Rider as Soo-jin
(2000) My Funky Family
(2001) Wonderful Days (2001) Love Without Hope
(2002) Ruler of Your Own World
(2003) Snowman (2003) Sang-doo! Let's Go to School
(2004) 5 Stars
(2005) Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy
(2007) Thank You
(2010) Pasta
(2011) The Greatest Love (2011) Do You Know Sad Movies?
(2013) Master's Sun
(2014) It's Okay, That's Love
(2015) The Producers
(2016) Jealousy Incarnate
I have only seen a handful of these works but the ones seen always left me impress. My favorite drama from her is It's Okay, That's Love, a drama that should be added to anyone's list, the whole cast had amazing chemistry and the plotline is quite intriguing and not one episode left you disappointed. It really touches on all your emotions or at least mine anyways.
Fun Facts
Started off as a model and didn't take it seriously until after she got high praises for her role in the movie Memento Mori
She has uncredited vocals in "Spoiler" by Epik High
She has worked on fashion lines
2010 Excuse Me + pushBUTTON capsule collection[132] Collaboration with Park Seung-gun
2012 Excuse Me x Suecomma Bonnie[133] Collaboration with Bohyun Lee
S/S 2012 LAP by Kong Hyo-jin Collaboration with Los Angeles Project
2016 Kong Hyo-jin x Vincis: Hyobag Collaboration with Vincis
2016 Kong x gentlemonster Collaboration with Gentlemonster
2016 Edit de Hyo Collaboration with Jestina Red
Well I hope this card was informative and really highlights just how FANTASTIC this FEMALE really is.
Have you seen any of her work?
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She is such a great actress. I loved her in Jealousy Incarnate and It's Okay, that's Love.
It's Okay that's Love is in my top ten favorite shows. it has some of the best quotes ever. lol
I really loved her in Jealousy Incarnate, but have seen her in several shows!
I've seen her in Master's Sun, It's Okay, That's Love and Jealousy Incarnate. She did amazing in all of them! I think I loved her the most in Jealousy Incarnate.
OMG I WAS GOING TO DO HER!! Lmaooo Great minds and all!
I love her. lol