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Who: Reader x ot12 What: Thriller, suspense, Smut is involved.

Warning: 18+ is advised.

Story: You were a family until one wrong move brought paranoia into the mind of your boss. It's up to you to keep the gang together but with new challenges arising on the horizon it's possible there's no one that can be trusted. Prologue Chapter one Chapter Two Chapter Three Chapter Four Chapter Five Chapter Six Chapter Seven Chapter Eight
Yifan's POV Tao had gotten him back into his office. He'd broken everything in sight. There was still no word from Junmyeon. Jaebeom mentioned someone betraying him. It had to have been Junmyeon he just up and disappeared and he was the one fighting to get Y/n to go with them. They were set up in the perfect place and JYP's men knew the entire operation. He was still pissed. How could he have let this happen? He sat in his office chair thinking things through, he was told to come alone but he wasn't that stupid and no doubt Jaebeom would be expecting him to show up with people. The plan had to be executed perfectly everything had to be done exactly or he risked everyone else. He'd told Tao to collect the million in cash. It had to be done quickly. They were up all night and Yifan got little sleep, worrying about her. She probably had her memories back by now. The other members confirmed 2pm was there at the heist too. He wondered if she'd even want to come back to him. He'd make her come back anyway. She wasn't JYP any more she was SM Town; she was Exo. She was his. A knock came to the door and Yifan told whoever it was to enter. Tao walked in and stood by the open door. "The money is ready boss." He said. Yifan nodded, "Good make sure it's loaded into my car." "It's been done ge ge." Yifan nodded. His phone buzzed at the arrival of a text message and when he checked it he saw a picture of Y/n. She was unconscious and it looked as though they had played in her hair because it was a mess now. Her pants were unbuttoned and her head had blood running down the side. She was tied to the chair and Bam Bam had a sneaky grin on his face while he held his knife to her neck. Yifan was ready to throw his phone. He could only see red. The next picture was of Yugyeom, one hand was on her breast, she was still unconscious and tied up. Yugyeom had his lips pressed to her cheek and the message that came with those photos read: Unknown: Hurry hurry, we're having so much fun. Yifan's jaw clenched. He walked to the door, "Get everyone in the warehouse now." He said before storming past him. Everyone met in the warehouse. With Y/n and Junmyeon gone, they had eleven members to work with. They were at a slight disadvantage. He considered calling in Johnny maybe even Mark to pull up the numbers. He could've even used Taeyong. Johnny and Mark were still rookies they'd only get killed and Taeyong was said to be the unpredictable and unstable member of NCT. If he wasn't still rookie he could've used that. Yifan stood before the boys and looked at all of them. The first time he flirted with Y/n came to mind... She was practicing her shooting and he'd been standing behind her for about ten minutes watching her miss every shot she made. She was frustrated and annoyed that she couldn't get it. He chuckled and walked up behind her wrapping his arms around her shoulders. She jerked back into his body and then leaned her head back to see him. Yifan situated her hands properly to hold the gun. His big hands over took hers and she looked at his face with silent awe. He purposely shifted closer to her, he could hear her breathing hitch. He bit back the smile rising to his lips. She'd turned back to look at the target in front of them and he slowly pressed her finger down on the trigger. The gun fired off hitting its mark. Yifan straightened and looked down at her, "Now let me show you what skill is." He said. He took the gun and aimed it at the target without looking. He pulled the trigger and shot the target right where he wanted. He looked down at her with a cocky smile and she gave him a blank stare. She turned and reloaded the gun and pointed it at the target. She fired the gun and Yifan chuckled, "You missed again." He said. "Are you sure?" She said while she looked down to wipe her hands on her pants. He pulled up the target sheet and saw that she'd shot the same target he had. A second bullet hole below his that made the hole slightly bigger. He chuckled, "I'm impressed. So were you just shooting poorly to get me to come and touch you?" He leaned over her, backing her against the wall and smiling in her face. She cocked an eyebrow. "I wasn't pretending I'm just a fast learner." Yifan chuckled. "Besides, I get the feeling you'd put your hands on me without needing a reason anyway." She said. "Is that an offer?" "I'd rather you didn't." She said. "Oh come on Y/n you're mine." "I don't recall that." "You don't recall anything." He said. "If I used to be a member of exo how come it feels so unnatural for me to shoot a gun? If it's something familiar I should feel it right? Something should be coming back to me but it's not. So I wonder- do I really belong to any of you or was I no affiliation at all?" She said with a cocky smile. "You were mine before anyone else's." He said before he bent down to capture her lips. She didn't appreciate him kissing her out of no where. She even said that it felt unnatural. Yifan could only laugh but his flirting soon drifted to fear that she might regain her memory. He had her learn the art of seduction instead to use against their enemies to keep her mind off of things. She got wrapped up in learning how to seduce that her questions stopped and she began to flirt with all the boys. Yifan had quickly placed his claim on her but by that time Junmyeon had already developed his crush on her. He let him play with her, just to keep him occupied but clearly that was a mistake. Perhaps now he'd lost his senses and decided to get revenge for taking her away from him. This was his pay back and Yifan wasn't having it. Yifan started to speak, "Here's the plan." Jongdae's POV Yifan's plan was good, GOT7 and 2pm wouldn't expect such an explosive entrance. Still, he wondered if Y/n would be hurt because of the plan. Yifan took inspiration from YG's men just as Y/n had. The bombs Minseok and Yixing made would blow the car that Yifan drove in. Baekhyun and Chanyeol were the drivers this time. Luhan, Jongin and Jongdae himself were shooters once the fireworks began. After that, it was up to Sehun who'd found a spot high enough in a tree to blow the tank at the side of the building once Yifan and Y/n were out of the building. This would blow up the warehouse hopefully with 2pm and GOT7 in close enough range to get caught in the explosion as well. With them dead, and Junmyeon if he was in there too, Yifan wouldn't have anymore problems to worry about. Kyungsoo and Tao were a waiting a cue to come in as gun men as well. They had the larger guns, making it a bit harder for them to move. They were slowed down. Yifan had arrived at GOT7's base as he was supposed to. The men went into his trunk and got out the money and drug him inside after checking him for weapons. One man hit him on the back of the neck to knock him out and then he took him inside. Sehun and the others were blind now. Minseok and Yixing had to wait for the right moment to strike the first bomb. Then it was the shooters turn to come in. Yifan had been inside the warehouse for a good ten minutes and no signal. They waited longer, five more minutes passed and the device hooked to Yifan's watch that transmitted the first signal came up. Yixing and Minseok activated the first bomb. Guards from one half of the warehouse started coming outside to see what was going on. Yifan's car was blown to pieces and Sehun's gun started shooting down the men coming out to check out what was going on. At this point, it was up to Yifan to get Y/n out of the warehouse in time. Jongdae, Luhan and Jongin moved in. Sehun covered them while Minseok and Yixing went back for the cars to get them out of there. 2pm's men came down, the fire was heavy. Jackson had come out with a big gun of his own. Jongdae took cover from Jackson's heavy fire. Jongin got shot in the leg and Luhan covered him. Jongdae dropped one of the smoke bombs Yixing gave him to cover Luhan and Jongin. He temporarily blinded Sehun but it would be enough to get Jongin to safety. By now Kyungsoo and Tao should've been moving in to take out the remaining men once the smoke cleared. Meanwhile, Jongdae made it inside the warehouse... Y/n's POV You were still knocked out from when they put you back to sleep. You'd woken up for a moment after being captured and the one you remembered as Minjun had stood before you watching you. He was looking into your eyes intensely and you stared back at him evily. He knew though, he knew because you said his name, "You know me." He said softly. He tried to touch your cheek and you jerked away from him. The feeling of rejection was all over his face. He cared about you, at the very least you knew that back all the memories of him and the others hadn't completely come back yet. Only of Jay. "Do you even remember him?" He asked. There was a twist in your stomach, making you feel sick. The tone of his voice made you feel guilty for ever forgetting him. You looked away from Minjun. "He loved you, you know that." You wished you could've covered your ears. You knew he loved you. You knew you loved him back, it wasn't your fault. You didn't ask for this. You would've stayed with Jay till heaven came crashing down and hell froze over if that's what it took. Minjun sighed, "Y/n talk to me. I won't let them hurt you okay. I promised Jay too. I promised I'd take care of you if anything ever happened to him." You glared at him. He made a sad face, the glare actually hurt him. He sighed again. You finally noticed the kit that he had in his lap, he brought out a cotton ball and started to blot at the blood on your head. You looked at him strangely. He looked down at your face, "You taught me this. At the very least how to keep it from getting infected. You remember that don't you?" He said. You didn't. You remembered very little about him. The sudden flash of you cleaning his knuckles came to mind and your eyes shifted for a moment. He bandage your head just as Jackson walked in. "Oh no princess, you're not supposed to be awake right now. Your man will be here soon." Jackson said as he walked over to you. He leaned over you and you spit in his face. He wiped his face while his nostrils flared in annoyance. He slapped you and Minjun pushed him away from you. "I told you to keep your hands off of her." Minjun said. "You think she's so innocent, don't forget this is the same woman that has killed plenty of our men and has been working for Exo and SM Town for three years." "She doesn't even know who she is." Minjun said. "Doesn't matter. Who she is now is very dangerous. We're just keeping her alive long enough to cut off the head of the snake. Afterwards we can watch the body squirm." Jackson chuckled. He came back over to you and placed a cloth over your face from his pocket and sleep over took you again even as Minjun told him to let you go. Zero seven twenty-four. Promise me you'll always stay this good, no matter what happens in the future you'll always be the Y/n I fell in love with. Your mind searched for something to hold onto and then something came in. The night you two were married. Not necessarily the wedding but when you made it too the Honeymoon suite... Jay had you two high up enough and in the best hotel there was. You may not have known what he did but you knew he was loaded. None of that mattered to you though. You had a few glasses of wine in the limo, as you two headed over as you recalled and you knew you had seen a few men following you. You may have been innocent but you weren't stupid. He had them watching you to protect you, you just didn't know why. Still they hadn't come into the room with you two but you imagined they were just outside the door. You were quite tipsy though and just how Jay wanted you. Drunk enough to not be afraid but sober enough to turn him away if you needed too. He carried you past the threshold of the hotel room and then set you on your feet in front of the bed. He cupped your face in his hands and kissed you, his lips left yours and came back down softly. He looked into your eyes and took a deep breath. "Y/n you're my wife." He whispered. "I know it's so weird. You're my husband." You chuckled. "We're actually married." You beamed. He nodded and kissed you again, he looked back into your eyes and said, "Can I have you now?" You could feel your heart skip a beat. You needed alcohol to get rid of your fear but it was still there. He nodded, "It's okay, you're not ready." He said. "I didn't say that." You said quickly grabbing his suit. "You don't have to, it's on your face." He said. "I'm just nervous, what if it's all wrong? What if you don't like it, what happens once you're, you know." "Inside you?" He said. You covered your ears in embarrassment. "Oh don't say that, it makes my body heat up. I know I've wanted it. I know I want you but I'm scared." You said. "Baby girl, tonight we said our vows to each other and I promised to love you, honor you and protect you and above all never hurt you. I also promised to teach you so many things. Now, you love me don't you?" You nodded. "And I love you so either way, it'll be perfect. Besides the way I see it you're a virgin so I will always be the best you've ever had." He chuckled. You laughed with him. You placed your hands on his chest and then smoothed your hands over his shoulders brushing off his suit jacket. He let the jacket drop before he wrapped his arms around you and stepped up closer to you. He kissed you while his hand found your zipper to your wedding dress and then revealed the surprise you had for him. The dress fell and he looked down at you in a white laced body suit. You had white fishnet thigh highs on and your short heeled shoes. Jay stepped back to get a full look at you. He looked at you in awe. "Fuck baby girl." He said shocked. You looked like a bunny from the playboy mansion; you had the tail attached in the back but your ears were in your suitcase. You had planned to reveal it differently but that didn't matter now. Jay had come back to you wrapping you in his arms and laying you on the bed. His lips found yours in a rough and hungry kiss that took your breath away. His hands slid down your body and grabbed your butt sparking an excited gasp. "Jay." You whispered. "I know you're scared Y/n. You know I won't hurt you, not on purpose." "I'm not drunk enough." You chuckled breathlessly. "I'll move slow baby. It'll hurt regardless but it'll feel good too okay? You just have to trust me." He told you. You nodded. He kissed you while his hands slowly roamed your body and found the places that made you even more excited. He'd taken your body suit off but left your heels and thigh highs on. He started off licking you, getting you wet enough and bringing you close to your first orgasm before he denied you of it. You remembered when it came time for him to enter you he wrapped his hand around the back of your head and brought you closer to him. He held you firmly and he kissed you; he pushed in slowly and you held back a scream while your hands pushed him up a little. He looked down to watch your face and you cried when he pushed all the way in. You were panting already but you had held your breath as he moved and were in desperate need for air. You looked down seeing blood on him. "It's bleeding." You said worried. "It's normal when you lose it. You're okay. How does it feel?" He asked. You looked at him still scared but the worst was over. It hurt but you weren't a virgin any more, you were truly all his. That was the greatest memory you'd regained. "I'm okay." You told him. He brushed your hair back lightly with his hand. "My beautiful baby girl, I'll treat you right forever." He dipped his head down and kissed you softly again. "I love you." He said this looking deep into your eyes so even the words reached your soul. How could you ever forget him? Jaebeom-ah..... You woke up to Yifan calling your name. He was on his knees in front of you and tied up. You looked at him in shock. Yifan looked at you with slight pain. "Y/n." He said. "How cute the lovely couple together again. He really loves you doesn't he?" Jaebeom said. He looked at you and you glared back at him. He scoffed, the guys in the back were counting the money from what you recognized as Yifan's bag. You felt sick, you were the reason he was in this situation. "Y/n." He said softly. You stared back at him. Park Jaebeom. Your eyes watered as you looked back at him. Yifan knew looking at you, he knew you remembered. His face showed it. "I'm sorry." He said. JB chuckled hearing his apology. "A former JYP girl and you turn her into an SM slave," He bent down to Yifan's face. "There's a rule among gang members that it seems none of you Exo filth or even 2pm seem to grasp," He looked back at you with a smirk and your eyes narrowed on him. He turned back to Yifan. "You never get attached. People are toys and even the ones that say they're loyal to you will stab you in the back." "She's not a toy and she's smarter than you." Yifan said. "Smarter than most of us in this room." Jaebeom mused. He turned back to you, you looked up at him with a hard frown. He touched your chin but you yanked if away. You saw Yifan jolt forward but one of the other members of 2pm yanked him by his collar. With him tied up like that, you had no idea what he had planned as your rescue or maybe he planned to just die with you because he saw everything was over. You stared back at Yifan, all the things you've done for him. Promise me you'll always stay this good, no matter what happens in the future you'll always be the Y/n I fell in love with. Shit, Jay I can never be that girl again. I feel dirty for letting him touch me and convince me I was one of them. I feel guilty for loving him. Even if I still love you. You looked away from Yifan. You couldn't look at him, you couldn't take it. "Y/n." Minjun's voice came next. His was softer than before but that caring tone was always there. You looked up at him, even more tears brimmed at your eyes. Jaebeom turned to Yifan, "Let's make this quick." You stared at Yifan wide eyed, knowing what was to come next. Your body jerked forward but you stopped once the gun was raised to his head.... Yifan's POV With Junmyeon out of the picture, he'd thought everything would be okay. He really thought he could make it out of this with her alive. Either Junmyeon wasn't the one to blame or he had a partner. Yifan was hit in the back and knocked out after being checked for weapons. His men were back far enough so they wouldn't be noticed and clearly the watch meant nothing to them which was his only way to give his signal. When he woke up, they sat him on his knees and he saw Y/n still unconscious in the chair. Her wound was bandaged up now, her hair had been fixed. She was still tied up but she wasn't a disheveled mess like she was before. Minjun had walked over to her to check her wound. "Don't touch her." Yifan snapped. Minjun shot a glare at him that made Yifan only stare back with fury in his eyes. He turned back to her but his touch was soft on her. "Would you stop playing around with her?" Taecyeon said annoyed. "I'm just checking her head and making sure she's still breathing." He said. "She's fine, you worry too much about her." Taecyeon said. "You don't worry enough. She's Jay's wife remember." "Jay's not with us anymore." Taecyeon said. "She's still family." Minjun said. Yifan watched as Minjun walked away from her. He saw Y/n shift in her seat. "Jay." she mumbled. No. Don't remember him, please don't fucking remember him. Yifan's mind was going crazy. She didn't say anything else but he knew she was dreaming of him. He knew she was remembering him. He knew everything would come back once she met 2pm and everything she was now would make her hate him. Please don't fucking remember him. "Wooyoung, Taecyeon come here." Jaebeom said. Wooyoung scoffed annoyed, "This kid." They both walked over to him though. Yifan quickly pressed the button on his watch. He wasn't sure how much time had passed from when he was knocked out till now but it couldn't have been much time. The signal sounded and the car blew up bringing men out to the front but he saw Jaebeom's face, he saw him smirk. "Time to get to work." He said. They started to move towards the exit. Yifan looked back to Y/n quickly. "I want to thank you for leading your men into our trap." Jaebeom said as he walked around to face you. "How?" Yifan said upset. "For me to know." Jaebeom said. He was betrayed again? Who could it have been? Gunshots were faint but they were heard by Yifan at least. "Y/n." Yifan called her. Jaebeom shrugged and stood up to walk to the door way. Minjun stood behind him with Nichkhun. Nichkhun was counting the money from the bag. "Y/n wake up." Yifan said. "Y/n." He said softly once again. She opened her eyes slowly and stared back at him. Her eyes began to water as she looked at him. Yifan knew looking at her face she had remembered. His face showed it. "I'm sorry." He said. "A former JYP girl and you turn her into a an SM slave," That wasn't true. He bent down to Yifan's face. "There's a rule among gang members that it seems none of you Exo filth or even 2pm seem to grasp," He looked back at Y/n with a smirk and her eyes narrowed on him. He turned back to Yifan. "You never get attached. People are toys and even the ones that say they're loyal to you will stab you in the back." "She's not a toy and she's smarter than you." Yifan said. "Smarter than most of us in this room." Jaebeom mused. He turned back to her; she looked up at Jaebeom with a hard frown. He touched her chin but she yanked it away. Yifan jolted forward but Nichkhun yanked him back by his collar. "Y/n." Minjun's voice came next. Jaebeom turned to Yifan, "Let's make this quick." He said. Jaebeom circled around Yifan and he heard his gun move. Y/n's eyes got wide and she jerked in her chair but stopped suddenly. Yifan knew it was over. Bam bam, Yugyeom, Jackson, Mark, Youngjae, Jinyoung, Wooyoung, Junho, Taecyeon and Chansung all filed into the warehouse one after the other with only seconds passing by before the next one came in. A few had blood on them while the others were just dirty. Yifan had brought all his men into a trap. It was all over. Yifan looked up at Y/n. He wouldn't let himself cry. It wasn't about pride; he just didn't feel the need to. He'd been beaten, that was all. Still, as he spoke, his voice revealed how weak he was. He called her name once more, "Y/n." Bam bam and Yugyeom stood on either side of her now. "I love you." "I love you too." She said. Y/n's POV. Jaebeom pulled the trigger and all the tears that built up on the rim spilled out. Your vision was blurry and all you could do was blink them away as you looked at Yifan's blood cover the floor. You sat there for a second and sniffed. "Alright- -get me out these." You said. Jaebeom walked over and cut your binds and you stood up and stretched your arms.
WHAT!!!!!!! NO KRIS NO!!!!!WHO?!?!?!WHY YOU DO THIS TO ME....YOU PROMISED NO MORE GAMES HOW?!?!?! WHY?!?!?! ugh i hate this i really do my feels done just kill me already πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”(kind of hate you now jk still love you lol)
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@JessicaEvaristo lol no it's okay don't worry Junmyeon will be revealed next chapter
omg shit just got too real woah I feel like im watching the one shot video of b.a.p I can believe she was the traitor cant wait for the next chapter
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yes it is amazing
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Definitely the reaction I was going for.
Did Yifan just died????
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@QueenPandaBunny Really Really πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ˆπŸ˜ˆπŸ˜ˆπŸ˜ˆπŸ˜ˆπŸ˜ˆπŸ˜ˆπŸ˜ˆπŸ˜ˆπŸ˜ˆ