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Que tal peeps!

I know it's been long but here is the next part!



Spill the Tea

“Um—I know you are married to GD. Besides Jay and I make love chica.” I laughed. “Fucking—love making—you getting that beef.” BB laugh. “But all games aside this is some real ish and you need to tell Jay and his squad.” I grabbed my rob and sat down in the chair across from the bed. “Okay—lets spill the tea.” “Well it looks like Jay, Simon, Loco, and this dude named Silk used to be boys back in the day. They used to be part of this group call the Yong boys. You know they were a small gang that did small deals. I guess this was when Jay was trying to make a name out here for himself. Anyways I guess I deal went bad and the guys was hired to steal some money from Old Green. I know you remember him he was the ish back in the day. Anyhow, there was a shot out and the guys left Silk behind. They never spoke to Silk since then. But now Silk goes by the name Blade. He has a bone to pick with Jay and his boys. "Wow, Jay has so many enemies." I say. "Well you know we all got ya back if shit gets loose but you need to be safe girl. I know you love Jay but he needs to clean that closet before yall get super serious. Who comes for him will definitely come for you." "Yeah girl I know. Thanks for the information."


Jay was on stage with his boys high off the energy from the crowd. It was packed at this new club called Lucky Star. I was having fun with my girls. We were the flyest itches out there and the music was on point. Jay was performing "Put Em' up". The fun vibes and the alcohol was helping me forget about all that stuff BB told me. I still haven't shared this information with Jay. I didn't know how to ask him about it. Jay winked at you from the stage and you blew him a kiss. "This lady right here I love her yall! Show my queen some love." Jay said. The crowd cheered as all eyes looked at me. I smiled and blew him kisses again. I lipped the words I love you too. Then suddenly someone grabbed me and a gun was pointed to my head. "Yeah let's so some love to this sexy ass woman!" A man said. Shoots went off in the air. People vegan screaming and running. "Calm the fuck down or I will shoot this bitch and all yall!" Suddenly the crowd calm down and this guy told everyone to get on their knees. Everyone did except Jay and his crew. "Ah Jay Park always too good. He always think he is untouchable with your bitch ass!" Jay moved in an attempt to get to me. "You move or anyone from your crew get foggy with me imma kill ya bitch. Click Click boom. It would be a shame since she is so beautiful and worth so much money." "Let her go she ain't got nothing to do with whatever shit you pissed off about Silk." Jay said. "Now why would I do that. You hurt imma hurt you." Silk said. Silk ran his hands up my mini skirt and plunged his fingers right inside me. I screamed. Jay tensed up. "Oh nice and tight. My crew would love to pass this one around." He said after licking his fingers. Jay moved on impulse and someone kicked him in his back as I heard my head crush on the back on the gun. Then I saw blackness. I woke up to loud music playing and dogs barking. I felt a chill and then sharp pain on my temples. I could smell weed and then everything hit me. I attempted to get up but I couldn't move due to my legs and arms being tied down with rope to a bed. My legs were spread open and I was nude. I look over and see a girl my age in a robe sitting in a chair. She stopped sniffing the cocaine. I could feel wetness between my legs and I was sticky. She walked over to me. "Oh they had fun with you while you blacked out." She paused "Blade! She's up!" Blade walked in without a shirt on. He had so many tattoos just like Jay. He was smoking a blunt. A dog ran in after him. He sat on the bed. "Lolly clean her up. We are not fished with her." He grinned. "Did you at least use a condom?" I asked. Blade slapped me. "Bitches don't talk back to Kings, especially any bitch of Jay." Lolly came back with a warm wet towel and began cleaning me up. Suddenly I felt warm years falling from my cold face. I wanted to kill this monster. "Oh tears...years don't work for me baby." Blade said while giving the girl the blunt and dissing her. Blade pulled down his pants and his phone. He hovered over me and slammed memeber deep inside me. I screamed in pain as he record what he was doing to me. "Jay will love to see how good care I'm taking of his toy." Blade moaned. He continued to pound me without mercy as the bed moved. I had to go to a dark place, because I got an arm free and suddenly......

Ride Or Die Peeps

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