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[News] "The Heirs" Lee Min-ho is the perfect boy Lee Min-ho transformed into an exchange student and visited a university in LA.He takes on the role of Kim Tan, a plutocrat who has everything he needs or wants including what he should have in the new SBS drama "The Heirs".Lee Min-ho had a debate with a foreign professor at the university in LA and sat in with the students as well.He managed to pull off such a good look with a white shirt alone and heated up the atmosphere. He checked his English script thoroughly whenever he could and concentrated on his role.Lee Min-ho had already memorized his English script well enough before he even departed to LA. Still, he didn't let go of the tension and continued to input the script in his head.Meanwhile, "The Heirs" is a youth comedy drama about the 1% of the wealthiest students in the country, all about to inherit something big. Cr.