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Happy Friday, Everyone! Today is Friday, and it is none other than the first Moonbyul card of the quarter! Before I get started, if you missed any mamamoo intro cards, please click any of these links; ▶Group ▶SolarWheein ▶Hwasa Now, let's get on with the card!

Basic Information;

Stage Name: Moonbyul Birth Name: Moon Byul Yi Position: Main Rapper, Main Dancer Birthday: December 22, 1992 Zodiac sign: Capricorn Height: 165 cm (5’5″) (Official) / 163 cm (5’4″)(Aprox. real height)* Weight: 45 kg (99 lbs)
✺ Moon Byul’s favorite musicians are Iggy Azalea, Kanye West and Verbal Jint. ✺ She likes TVXQ and f(x). ✺ She writes her own rap lyrics for Mamamoo songs. ✺ Moonbyul's specialties are the following; rapping, acting, modeling and choreographing ✺ She is the second oldest in Mamamoo. ✺ She also has a slight obsession of touching her members butts.
Moon Byul is the cute and charming rapper whose innocent look fooled everyone upon the group’s debut; Moon Byul’s rapping skills are not something to joke with, as she writes clever rhymes and is capable of rapping really fast, in a low voice.
She has a beautiful face that many people cannot forget, and neither will they want to.
»❂Mamamoo Squad @Jaerinn @Destiny1419 @IsoldaPazo @JiyongLeo @Satinskies ▶❂Moomoo Taglist! ❃A; @awkwardjazzy ❃B; @Bangtanss ❃C; @CLAKPOP ❃D; ❃E; @ESwee ❃F; ❃G; ❃H; ❃I; @Insfired ❃J; @jjrockstar @Josyy7 ❃K; ❃L; @LemonLassie @Lexxcisco ❃M; @minimanim3 ❃N; ❃O; ❃P; ❃Q; ❃R; ❃S; @SimplyAwkward @StefaniTre ❃T; @turntuptae @twistedPuppy ❃U; ❃V; @VeronicaArtino ❃W; ❃X; ❃Y; ❃Z;
Quote of the card; Love a girl who writes, and live her many lives; You have yet to find her, beneath her words of guise. Kiss her blue inked fingers, forgive the pens they marked. The stain of your lips upon her, the one she can’t discard. Forget her tattered memories, or the pages others took; You are her ever-after, the hero of her book. —Lang Leav