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안녕하세요 친구!!

Welcome my lovely BTS 아미 and soon to be BTS 아미. Let's get to know a fellow handsome young man I'm in charge of every Friday!! And yes I mean the Muffin man.. **Fair Warning: super long informative card** Enter & read at risk
This amazingly scrumptious Sunflower Muffin man....


Let's start with very basic info: >Real Name: Jung Ho Seok (정호석) >DOB: 18 February 1994 >Birthplace: Gwangju, South Korea >Height: 177 cm >Blood type: A >Position: Singer, Dancer, rapper
Hobi Fun Facts: 》Family: has both his parents & an older sister 》Favourite colour: Green 》 Pets: a dog named Mickey 》Dislikes exercising/working out 》Suga & him are the worst at drawing 》Loves melodramatic movies 》Favourite season/weather: Spring 》Originally hated doing aegyo but has since obviously changed his mind
More Fun Facts: ●Closest to BTS member Jungkook ●Favourite number: 7 ●Tattoos & piercings: none ●Super power: he wants to read people's heart and know the truth. ●Education: attending Global Cyber University ●Role model: Benzino ●Life motto:

"If you don't work hard, there won't be good results."

Ideal type:

"Someone who loves me (his fans), thoughtful, good at cooking, reads a lot of books and would only love him."

**He would love to cook, talk and read books with and to her.** Ideal date:

"I love the sea, I would love to walk down to the beach and hold hands."


3 Key requirements for J-Hope's Happiness: 일: Family 이: Health 삼: Love
About Hobi's favourite colour and my thoughts: The representation and meaning of green flowers is 100% Hoseok. Flower source
**Make sure to scroll through the beautiful green flowers** Hobi and nature are breathtakingly beautiful.





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There he is!!! My Hope ❤️😍
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I just have to say, that green rose was completely breath taking! And J Hope will forever be an adorable ball of sunshine.
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a year ago·Reply
He's so charming 😍
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