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안녕하세요 my Loverlys!! Jojo AKA KPopBeat here with my introduction as mod support for the unofficial Victon Mod.... my best friend @Sailynn loves them and naturally dragged me into their world.
Sadly there is no offical Mod for this group so we decided to show them a little much needed love with our own.
I will be covering the sweet dimpled Sejun!! YAY!!

Well let's start with some information about me shall we???

Name: Jojo also known as KPopBeat
Height: 175cm (5'9")
Bias: Sejun
Wrecker: Seungwoo (Appa)
When did you get into Victon? Actually I remember when their song with HuhGak 'Hello' came out. Only a few of the member are featured on the track but all of them are in the music video. Sejun was actually the first member to catch my eye... but that isn't hard to do when you are the first face seen on the video......and the last one to see at the end of the video.. (I have placed the video after my favorite video below)
On a scale of Lowkey- to regular key- to highkey, how trash are you for them?
Lowkey..... I don't really tend to go trash for groups... but I do love these boys..... Sadly just as they were gaining all of my attention a certain group *cough*Pentagon*cough* demanded all of my attention so I have been slacking on my Victon keep up.... Maybe we can all catch up together?

Other Information:

Age: 27
Favorite Groups: Pentagon, Super Junior, MI.O, Vromance, and many more as well as a lot of solo artists too
UB: Mark Tuan.... (Though he is currently defending his number one spot from a certain Panda....)
Wrecker:..... Yea... I would rather not talk about that.....
I got into Kpop in 2011 when the Drama Skip Beat aired.... (My obsession is dramas) Super Junior stole my heart and dragged me into the world of Kpop... been here ever since.... 6 years is a long time........ (Feels extremely old)

Favorite Song!!

My favorite song has to be 'What Time is it Now'.... I know this is just a 'teaser' of their dance ability but I have always been a sucker for the darker concept and dancing so this video was awesome... Not to mention Sejun's voice...... sigh..... *Clears throat* anyways.... The song is catchy and the dance moves are great.... It wasn't a surprise that they really caught my attention with this one.
Well you can expect to see a card from me featuring the adorable Sejun every Thursday! Hope you will all stick around with me!
Let me know if you would like to be added to the Victon tag list! (Only tagging my personal taglist on this one card unless you ask to be added to the Victon one)
Until Next Time Loverlys!!!
@KPopBeat OUT!!!
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