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What's up fam?

So today for my random card, I thought that I would introduce a group that has caught my eye!


They are a group also formed from Produce 101!

The members are introduced in their first song (I don't think it is a debut but instead a song for the fans).

It was also written by the members which already shows a LOT of potential for this group!

[MV] PLEDIS Girlz(플레디스 걸즈) _ WE

They are so cute! I love them already!

And if that wasn't enough for you to start stanning them already...

Look at these amazing covers of other groups they have done!

[PLEDIS' DEBUT PROJECT] PLEDIS Girlz(플레디스 걸즈) - 아낀다 (Adore U)

Since they are the sister group of Seventeen this is a MUST!

Their voices and insync dancing is amazing!

[PLEDIS' DEBUT PROJECT] PLEDIS Girlz(플레디스 걸즈) - Catch Me If You Can

I don't think they sang this one themselves but their choreo and dedication to their roles definitely makes up for it! XD

So are you excited for this group to debut?


Pledis Girlz FIGHTING!

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So many new groups coming out this year!! My heart won't be able to take it!!! 😢😢
Right? Too many bands to love man....My heart isn't big enough lol XD
I've seen this in a lot of dance practices where do they get their matching shoes and what brand are they and where can I get them?