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Hey guys, here's the next chapter. I'm using a loaner laptop that I just got in today because someone messed up while trying to fix my comp, so I haven't been able to do much of anything. Sorry for that. I leave for back home in only a day so we'll see how everything goes. I hope you all had happy New Year celebrations.
Aside from that, time to continue from the last cliffhanger, hehehe. I hope you enjoy.
Thank you to all of you who are reading, liking, clipping, following, and commenting.
Disclaimer: Many of the characters aside from BTS are made up and BTS themselves are not BTS in this story. And, of course, I don't know the BTS boys personally so their personalities are probably mostly fictional.
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Beginning: Chapter 1
Previous: Chapter 15
Warning: May contain mild language. Slightly dark elements.
Narrator POV
As soon as Yoongi got off the phone with Jungkook, he rushed out of his office. Namjoon wasn’t picking up his phone so he called down to the lab building and had someone get him.
“Hyung, what’s so important? I was in the middle—“
“Jiyoung-ah was in an accident. She’s at the hospital. We need to go right now.” No further questions, Namjoon ran out with Yoongi. On the way to the hospital, Namjoon drove and Yoongi kept trying to dial the others’ numbers. No answers from any of them. He knew Hoseok and Taehyung had an interview sometime today so it was likely they were doing that now. He didn’t know why Jin and Jimin weren’t answering, though.
“Joon-ah, what do you know about something called ‘R’ deficiency?”
Namjoon gave a quick glance to Yoongi. “Never heard of it. What’s it related to?”
“Jungkook said it was something like a rare blood condition and that there’s only a small amount in the country.”
“Blood condition...” Namjoon thought about it for a moment. “Do you mean Rh Deficiency Syndrome?”
“I don’t know, that’s just what Jungkook said. Why? What is that, if that’s what it is?”
“It’s not good. I’ll explain at the hospital. You should try calling again. It’s bad we haven’t been able to find her aunt. She’d be the best hope.” Yoongi gave one last glance to his brother before turning back to his phone. Just as he was about to call, Jimin’s name popped up on his screen. He immediately answered.
“Hey, why’re you guys blowing up my ph—?”
“You need to get to ‘M’ hospital now.”
By the time Namjoon and Yoongi arrived at the hospital, they had been able to get a hold of the others. Jimin arrived shortly after them, his breathing making it obvious that he ran from the car. JiEun and Jungkook were already tested to see if they were a match and both were negative. Namjoon and Yoongi were waiting for their results when Jimin arrived so Jimin quickly went to get tested. When Taehyung and Hoseok arrived, with Jin following shortly after, they also went in to get tested. Namjoon, Yoongi, and Jimin were all negative. Everyone was frantic about the situation, only made worse by the fact that Jiyoung was too critical to have visitors.
“Why can’t she just use O- blood?” Jimin asked. “Isn’t that the universal donor or something?”
Namjoon sighed. “It’s not that simple for her. Jiyoung has something called Rh Deficiency Syndrome, also called Rh-null. The Rh part is the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ of the blood types. Jiyoung doesn’t have either. This means that she can’t have transfusions from anyone who has ‘+’ or ‘-‘ antigens. She can only have transfusions from someone with the same syndrome. It’s extremely rare. About 1 in 6 million or so. But not a lot of people donate. It’s dangerous for people with her blood type. If we had her aunt, we could get her tested. Blood relatives are most likely to have the syndrome, but it’s also possible for it to be spontaneous. We can only hope...”
Then the doctor walked in. “I’m sorry. Taehyung-sshi, Hoseok-sshi, you’re not a match. We’re still waiting on your results, Jin-sshi, but all we can do is hope. It’s not very likely.”
“What about the donors?” Hoseok asked the doctor. “Isn’t there a way we could ask for an emergency donation?”
“We’re trying,” was the reply. “There’s only two of them in Korea. And it’s very hard to get people to a hospital on such short notice. Plus, it would need to be processed at the hospitals and then sent here. That takes time.”
“Can’t we just ask them to come here?” Taehyung suggested.
“That’d be best. But like I said, that’s hard. And it costs money for the people that they may not have.”
“Tell them we’ll pay them whatever they want,” Jin pleaded. “Tell them I’ll pay for the plane tickets right now. For them and their families, if they need it. Tell them I’ll put them in a penthouse suite in the best hotels. They don’t need to pack anything, I’ll buy whatever they need. And if they have to miss work, I’ll pay them 10x what they miss. And if they’ll get fired for missing, I’ll pay them a year’s salary. I don’t care what it takes, just please convince them to come.” Jin and the others were crying, or next thing to it. The doctor nodded his head.
“I’ll tell the hospital to inform them immediately. I’ll let you know as soon as we know. She’s lucky to have people who love her so much.” And then he walked away.
Hoseok POV
“Don’t worry, I’ve got them calling in the best surgeon in Korea. He’ll be here soon,” I said, almost to myself. I couldn’t believe what was happening. The thought of losing Jiyoung... it was killing me. I loved her so much. I looked at the others. I could tell they felt similarly, but I knew it wasn’t the same. They loved her, but I was in love with her. I looked at Jimin. Jimin looked like I felt. And that’s when I knew for certain that Jimin wasn’t just messing with Jiyoung. Jimin was in love with her too. Truly in love with her.
A few minutes later, the doctor came out again. “Jin-sshi, we should get you prepared for donation.”
“Am I a match?” Jin asked. We all perked up. Given her blood condition, that possibility that Jin was a match was a miracle. I could feel all of our hope raising.
“Yes. We still need to run a couple more test to check for complete compatibility, but you are a preliminary match.” Everyone let out an excited cheer. We were happy there was now a better chance. “If you had told us she was your sister, we would have prioritized your blood sample. Family members are more likely to match.” At his words, everyone fell silent. {His sister...?}
“She’s not my sister,” Jin told him. “I call her my sister, but—“
“She is your sister. You... didn’t know?” We all turned to Jin. Jin just stared at the doctor with wide eyes. How was that possible? Was she his half-sister? I’d known Jin’s parents for a large portion of my life and I would never have guessed that either of them would have an affair. They were too much in love with each other.
I saw Jin hesitate before he asked the question we all were thinking. “Is she... my half-sister?”
“No. Full blooded. The two of you have an almost 50% match. That’s only found in parents and their children and between full siblings. And considering your age, it means that she’s your sister.”
Jin visibly paled. “That’s... not possible. My only sister died 13 years ago.”
“Well, you either have a sister you didn’t know about or you’re mistaken about her death. Either way, it’s irrelevant to saving her life. We need to get you prepped so we can start as soon as we get the get the final confirmation.” Jin nodded his head, but I could tell his mind was elsewhere. The doctor and a nurse ushered him down a hall. As soon as he left, everyone started talking over each other. I couldn’t understand what anyone was saying.
Being the oldest present, Yoongi apparently delegated himself to the role of ring leader. “Enough! Let’s talk one at a time. No one can understand when we all talk at the same time.” No one spoke. “Okay, one at a time means that one person can speak.”
“You don’t think she’s really SooJin, do you?” JiEun finally spoke up.
“No way,” I said. “I went with her to city hall to get copies of her records for taking the GED. She has everything. A birth certificate, identity number, school records going back to preschool, everything.” I had seen all of her paperwork. She didn’t just appear from thin air.
“Then is it possible Jin had a sister he didn’t know about?” Taehyung asked.
“But why would his parents hide it? She’s his full sister so she’s not born from an affair,” Namjoon pointed out.
The conversation continued in circles until Jin came out an hour later. He looked tired and drained. He was pale and looked like he could fall asleep just by sitting down.
“What happened to you?” Jungkook asked as he and I helped him to a chair.
“I told them to take out at much blood as was safe. The surgeon arrived and they can use my blood to keep her stable until the donated blood arrives and then they can start the surgery. And the people said they would come. They’re good people,” Jin sighed as he leaned his head back against the wall. “They said they would take the plane ticket, but they only wanted a decent hotel room, not a big one. And they’re taking sick days instead of money from me. They’re good people.” Jin’s eyes drooped sleepily.
“What’d they say about... Jiyoung?” JiEun prodded. Jin forced his eyes open.
“They said that there was something weird in her medical files. That about 10 years ago, she came in for something, they wouldn’t say what, but they did a blood workup and that’s when they noticed her blood type was different than her previous records.” Jin adjusted himself in the seat, probably to help stay awake better. “I asked how it was possible and they said that in the mountainside, it’s not uncommon for there to be medical errors like that but... They also said that there was something weird about her car accident. They said they would explain when I was in better shape.”
“I told you it was a good idea to change her emergency contact and guardianship changed for medical stuff,” Taehyung said. “They wouldn’t be allowed to tell you otherwise. But they’re right, you should rest. Hyung,” he turned to me, “this is one of your hospitals. Think we can get him a room?”
“Oh right.” I jumped up. “Sorry, my brain is elsewhere.” {On Jiyoung}. I ran to a nursing station to make arrangements for a suite that way all of us could crash there. Just as we were getting ready to move Jin, the doctor came in informed them that the donated blood was only minutes away and they would start the surgery immediately.
“Given the severity of the accident, the surgery will probably take at least 12 hours. The bleeding was the most concerning part, but she still has to get surgeries from multiple specialty doctors. She had some head trauma which is causing her brain to swell, so that has to be taken care of first. She also has minor trauma to several internal organs and a few broken bones. Then, she has... spinal cord injuries...”
“How bad?” Taehyung asked. Taehyung and I were well aware of the type of issues that came with spinal cord injuries. “Is she... paralyzed?” My heart clenched.
The doctor looked away from us and JiEun started crying again. “Right now, the swelling is causing pressure on her spinal cord. And there are a couple fractures to her vertebrae. Because of the where the pressure and fractures are, right now, yes, she’s paralyzed from the waist down.” There was a collective outcry from the others. “But!” The doctor cut in. “But, if the surgery is successful, it’s very possible that she’ll recover with intensive rehab. But we won’t know the extent of the injuries until she’s awake after the surgeries. It’s going to be a very long day so I suggest you guys get some rest.”
“Thank you Dr. Kim,” I said and we all bowed politely. The doctor bowed back and left. We took Jin to a private suite where I had them add extra pullout couches for everyone to sleep on. I knew that all of us would want to stay. Already, each of us had called to our work to inform them that we would be gone at least the next day if not longer.
Once everyone was settled, I told the others I needed to walk. I just needed someplace away from everyone who was talking about the accident. It hurt me so much that Jiyoung was so badly injured. If I could trade places with her, I’d do it in a second. My feet took me to the only place I knew that was quiet, the chapel. I was never a religious person, but the place itself was comforting. It was a place where people poured out their hearts; a place where people dared to hope. And isn’t that what my friends called me? Their Hope? The one who kept everyone’s spirits up? Even Jiyoung... But I couldn’t do that now. I was heartbroken and couldn’t stop the tears from falling. I didn’t know what I would do if she died. I feel like I would just wither away. I’d fallen in love after such a long time and I could lose her without ever having told her. I sat down in one of the pews closest to the back, where the entrance was, and lowered my head. I didn’t want to think.
A few minutes later, the door opened again. I glanced up to see Jimin walk in. Instead of the left side, where I was, Jimin sat on the right and a little closer to the front. I watched as Jimin clasped his hands tightly together as if in prayer. But I knew that Jimin wasn’t a religious person either. I watched as Jimin’s shoulders started shaking and heard the sounds of him crying. I knew Jimin was in love with Jiyoung also, but maybe sharing pain could help. And this wasn’t a time to be petty, so, with a little hesitation, I moved next to Jimin.
Jimin’s head darted up when I sat next to him. “Hyung?”
“Jimin-ah,” I said softly.
“Hyung. I don’t know what to do. It’s all my fault. I’m the one who convinced her to start running. If I didn’t do that then—“
“Jiyoung is a big girl. If she didn’t want to do something, you wouldn’t have been able to make her. And anyway, you can’t think like that. Otherwise... it’s our fault for keeping her with us...” Should we have made her leave all those months ago? Would she have been safe then?
“Hyung... she’s Jin’s... sister. How—what—I don’t—I don’t know what to say about that. Jiyoung was like a sister to him, then she’s in the accident, then he finds out she really is his sister... but he might lose her. We might lose her. I might...” Jimin buried his face in his hands. “I don’t know what to do hyung.” I leaned Jimin towards me and hugged him. “I should be worried about him and about how he feels, but I’m so selfish. All I can think about is myself. Hyung, I know we’re both in love with her... but I couldn’t help it. I should’ve stopped. I tried. If I hadn’t tried to shake her up, maybe she’d be with you and she would’ve been safe. Someone like me doesn’t even deserve to think about her. And I’m so afraid...”
I squeezed Jimin tighter. I understood how he felt. And I felt guilty, because I thought the same about him. That he didn’t deserve her, that I deserved her more. And I hated myself for that. Jimin was torn up just as badly as I was. He loved her just as much as I did. Why did his feelings mean less than mine just because of his now past? He had changed for her. That’s how much she meant to him. And we might lose her.
Even if Jiyoung lived... if she were paralyzed, I was certain it would devastate her. She fought so hard to have her freedom, but she might lose it. And what would she do if she found out Jin really was her brother? If everything she knew before, everything in her life, was a lie...
Jimin and I stayed in the chapel for another half an hour before we decided to head back. I kept one arm wrapped around him. When we got back to the room, Namjoon informed us that they had started her surgeries. It was only barely crawling towards late afternoon, but we all felt wiped out. Jin was passed out on the bed, but the others didn’t want to sleep since it was so early. Once night started to fall, Jin woke up. He asked us to call the doctor. The doctor arrived soon after.
“I’m not really allowed to tell anyone except the guardian...” the doctor started.
“Whatever you tell him, he’s just gonna tell us anyway,” Taehyung replied.
“Yeah. You might as well tell us so you can save him the trouble of having to say it all again,” Jimin added.
The doctor sighed. “Fine, I guess. I looked into Jiyoung’s medical record. There’s documentation of a car accident in which both of her parents died. Jiyoung was admitted to the hospital, but she was only in a coma for a couple days. She was released a few days after she woke up.” That didn’t make sense.
“That doesn’t make sense,” Jungkook said, as if reading my mind. “Her grandparents said she was in a coma for—“
“I know. I looked into it. She had a police report attached to her file...” We waited to hear what he would say. “She was reported missing less than two months after being released.”
“Missing?” I asked.
“Yes. Her grandparents took custody after the accident. The girl was living with them. They said she went out with a few other kids from the neighboring houses. They went climbing a gorge by the ‘Y’ River. The kids said that Jiyoung fell while they were climbing and landed in the river. Search parties went out, but they never recovered a body. The grandparents refused to list her as dead, so she was listed as missing. Until one day, they said they found her. She was taken off the missing list a month after being put on there. The report doesn’t say much more than that.”
“’Y’ River...” Jin’s eyes grew wide. “That’s where we went whitewater rafting. That’s where SooJin went over.” Jin walked over to the doctor. “When exactly was she taken off the missing list?”
“October 9th, 2003.”
“Shit.” Namjoon grabbed Jin who now looked like he was about to drop. He guided Jin to the couch. “October 9th... Our trip was the 8th. Is it... is she really SooJin?”
“I had them run tests and compared them to the medical records for SooJin. She’s listed as deceased, but all of her medical records, including blood workup, were in the computer system. She is Kim SooJin.” A flood of emotions went through me, I didn’t even know what all of them were. I knew I felt disbelief. All of it seemed too bizarre, like some cheesy drama. And I felt bad for Jin. He had been this close to his sister the whole time and never knew it. All the time that he felt guilty about being responsible for her death... And with that, I also felt happy for him. He had found SooJin, his sister that he had mourned for 13 years. I couldn’t imagine what he was going through. After giving the news, the doctor excused himself. The room was silent as we all tried to process the information.
Finally, Taehyung spoke up. “Hyung. You found her. You found SooJin.” We all looked to Jin. I could tell by his face that he didn’t know what to do.
“If... if she weren’t fighting for her life right now, I’d be the happiest person,” Jin said. “I want to be happy... but I’m so afraid of losing her again.”
So, there we go, the big reveal. I know some of you suspected as much *cough* @JaxomB *coughcough* lol.
I tried to make it seem possible but also give alternatives. I wonder how that went, lol.
I feel so bad for them, they're so torn up over the accident, specifically Jin, Hoseok, and Jimin. I can't imagine what poor Jin is going through. To possibly lose your sister for the second time after only just finding out she didn't die the first.
So, what do you think?
Oh, and I did do some research about Rh deficiency on the statistics and stuff. It is a real thing. I can congratulate myself for being not lazy for once, lol.
Okay, I have some serious revision to do for the next couple chapters before putting them out and I'm going back to Japan and going back to work so we'll see how hectic it gets. Please forgive me for being so slow.
Thank you @Mavis2478 for the story.
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