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A photo of Song Joong Ki in an army uniform has surfaced! The photo was released onto an online community, and even though it looks like Song Joong Ki's lost a bit of weight from his army training, the hard training hasn't done anything to his good looks! He's only been in the army for a few weeks now, as he enlisted last month on the 27th to the 102nd reserve. We know you miss him. His basic training is expected to end on October 10 while he is expected to be discharged on May 26, 2015. Mark your calendars and start a countdown to his return!
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oppa please take good care of yourself u have gotten really skinny it breaks my heart 2 c u like dis oppa please be healthy i really miss u oppa oppa be strong FIGHTING come back 2 us fast fine shine and healthy and happy :-)♥♥ love uuuuu oppa :-)♥