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Jung Yoo Mi and Jung Joon Young are making a name for themselves as the '4D couple' on 'We Got Married'. The singer and actress finally moved over to the 'We Got Married' village on this episode. When they were going through their things, Jung Yoo Mi found Jung Joon Young's 'drinking helmet'. He explained, "When I play computer games, my left hand is on the keyboard and my right on the mouse, right? So guess what this is? This lets me sip a drink automatically." He then tried it out for his onscreen wife, who yelled, "Daebak!" Jung Joon Young eventually got her to try it out for herself, but she didn't enjoy it too much. Jung Yoo Mi commented, "It tastes like rubber," but she then added, "Let's drink a soju-beer mix in here next time." They also went shopping for groceries for their new place
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haha i loved this episode they are hilarious!!!