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I'm watching "Will it snow for Christmas" n he's just so gorgeous ... superb acting chops ... :D
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@MasriDaniela ... fantastic acting ... Kim Soo Hyun is brilliant as the young Kang Jin n then Go Soo is the older version .... n he's just so delectable in every scene ... it is a tear jerker ... I've finished 9 episodes so far ... n i've briefly come up for some air before i dive in again ... put it on your to watch list ... :D
@divalycious thanks sis i will start tomorrow for sure :-D ^_~ hihihihi
@divalycious sis at ep 10 really adorable :'(
@MasriDaniela ... i've never cried as much while watching any show ... he is so lovable got 2 more to go
@divalycious i see now :'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(