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After 10 Years BIGBANG Has prepared a handwritten letter to V.I.Ps....

To those who I spent my youth together with the last 10 years was hot and sweet at times it was bitter and sore and it was painful Now let's all call the last 10 years as a memory and call the 10 years from now on as a promise -Seungri
I will miss you all alot for 2 years. Through the yearning, I will come back grown up a lot -T.O.P
I will become a tree for you all and stay here forever ... -Taeyang
The last 10 years that promised beyond the upcoming 10 years... The 10 years that we were able to stand because of V.I.Ps love, that power Thank you for being a precious encounter in my life...Thank you... Let's go all the way!! I love you V.I.P!! -Daesung
I feel like our first stage was yesterday but again 10 years later, will today feel like yesterday...? Rather than telling you to love us until whenever, we'll love you. Not a singer and fan but like a friend as well as a family.. Let's always be together. Even if we're out of sight and away for a while. We'll go together by heart. By mind. Until whenever -G-Dragon
I'm not're crying....DON'T LOOK AT ME!! 😭
😢😢😢😢😢 that was so sweet!!!
My heart! Also: I love GD's handwriting :3
😢 so sweet and cute!